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Imagination is a powerful thing to waste

All creation starts in the imagination.

I woke up this morning with the vision of how to put my current 3D project together.  I have always had a vivid imagination. I identified with the TV character Ally Mc Beal in that way. I didn’t have as much as a romantic nature as Ally, but I could fantasize  just as well. I remember one afternoon, when I was in my pre-teens, I acted out different scenes from the Beatle’s movie Help. I had such a good memory, this was before we had VCRs, TiVo or dvd’s. When I was younger and had trouble sleeping, I would go to the fanstasy world I created. It got to be so vivid that I would really feel I was there. It was comforting. Of course I knew it was only my fantasy, but still when I wanted to escape, I could go to bed and fall asleep. When I started creating my real life experiences, that fantasy life eventually stopped.

When my husband and I decided to get married, we decided that he would move from San Francisco to Vallejo where I was living. I started visualizing a yellow house, living in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood. The house we eventually moved in and started our life together was a yellow house. It came with an organic garden and there were many squirrels, birds, cats. Everyone got along,  just like my vision. We got married in the house and we still live here. For our 4 legged kids, this have been the only home they have lived in. We have lived here St. Patrick’s day 2001.

I love using my imagination. Sonia Choquette says that it is good to have a healthy imagination. She went on to say that if you want validation that imagination is important just look around you, everything in our world was created in the imagination first. Even Einstein said that when he created his most famous equation, it dropped in when he was listening to music.

One of my skills as a Life Coach is to teach my clients how to visualize to bring into their lives, what they want. It is a simple process. The work comes when  a person has to let go of the filters, that keep him or her from becoming their own visionary alchemist changing what they don’t want into what they do want. Sometimes he or she doesn’t even know there is a brain-filter, that keeps them from seeing their clear vision. There is a saying I am going to leave you with “If you can see it, you can believe it, when you believe it, you can achieve it.”

Become a Visionary Alchemist


Let’s help their voice be heard

Together we can let their voices be heard!

Yes, I am calling all rescue groups to be a part of my concert series. You can talk about your organization, the good work that you do and how we can help our organization. You will receive %40 of the proceeds to generate financial funds to support your Mission Statement.

One of my visions for my CD is to go out into the community all over the country and promote the message of love, dignity and respect for all animals on the planet. I heard the many heartbreaking stories of how animals are misunderstood. That if only the pet parents had stopped to observe their animals body language or taken their pet to a trainer, that many animals would have been able to stay with their people and not ended up in a shelter. Or if people who adopted a certain breed because they liked the way they looked, but didn’t have a clue about the personality traits of the dog, cat or rabbit. Then they decided that they had no time for training, the time and expense of proper grooming, or wellness checks at the vet. They gave up on their pet and took it to a shelter or worse yet, let it run in the wild, thinking that their natural instincts would get them through it.  When I was working for a pet food store in the bay area, I had a customer who got a labrador from a breeder, but she didn’t have time to train the dog, the dog got destructive, so she took it to a shelter. She came into the store to buy things for her new puppy, hoping this time it would work!

I saw many of these dogs and cats that ended up  at the Humane Society of the North Bay . I  worked with Bobbi Durston helping dogs to get over their fear of humans. I observed the body language of perceived aggressive cats and knew that they needed a more gentle voice or patience for them to let them know I was an ok human. That is why I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the cats using the Open Paw Program. We saw cats who were normally afraid of a male presence allow a young man to pick her up and take her back to her kennel.

This is why this CD project is so very important to me. I truly believe if we want to bring out awareness and raise the level of understanding and compassion that all humans have. We must be the change. and part of that change is allowing us to focus on the experiences we want to see in the world. We can raise the consciousness of how animals are treated if we focus on the positive results we want to create.

If you want to participate in this wonderful journey to let all animal voices and your organization be heard. Please go to my Contact Visions Alchemy page and let’s make this happen.

Staying open to the creative process

Yesterday, I announced my first concert date on my site, designed the flyer, wrote on my facebook wall. Today I get an email from one of the guest singers that he has a prior musical commitment he forgot about and wanted to know if I could change the date from March 18th to March 25th? The date change is fine, one more week to practice! Blessedly, it is still early enough that I hadn’t made any copies of my flyers yet or put the concert on Craigslist or the online periodicals in my area. I checked with Rita at Loma Vista Farm if the change was ok and she is fine with it too. My guides said to expect surprises along the way.  I just made the date change in my Events page. It will be easy to fix my flyer information. I know whatever comes up is part of the process. By keeping my attitude in a open receptive way, there will always be a solution. Who knows maybe the change will allow more people to come? I am open to all possibilities. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to co-create this concert experience with the Universe and my friends. I will keep you posted on further details.

The Journey of Letting Their Voice Be Heard

Loma Vista Farms does so much for the community!

I really looking forward to working with Rita at LVF.

The first concert date is March 18th at The Vallejo First Church of Religious Science, from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. The suggested Love donation is $15 (but you are free to give more:) I am creating my rehearsal dates, contacting friends and family to help grow the concert. March 18th is only 2 months away, yet, I know that things will fall into place at the perfect time. My Brother Gabe De Los Santos who is a very talented singer/songwriter is going to be contributing his music and voice. He has agreed to do 3 of his compositions and will join me for a duet of Amazing Grace, which is featured on my Cd.

Two good friends Ed Rosenback and Lee Wingfield are going to also join me in one of my songs. They are very talented dynamic singers and songwriters also. I love singing alone but I really love singing harmony that is the Angel side of me. I have been wanting to put together a concert for a long time, but couldn’t visualize it before now. My guides tell me there will be many surprises along the way to help me to keep things lighthearted, when I get too serious and turn into an “Artiste” ( I still need to buy my baret).

In the beginning of this concert/fundraiser, I was only going to focus on animal rescue groups, I got the inspiration to support all organizations that support the message of my CD, promoting love and respect for all beings on the planet.The first organization to participate  is Loma Vista Farms. They do so much for the community. They teach us how to respect the land and all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants.  The message of Loma Vista Farm is this(borrowed from their website):

Founded in 1974, Loma Vista Farm has been making a difference in the community for almost four decades as a resource for environmental education.
 The services the Farm provides to the community are:
  • A place for individuals and families to enjoy time outdoors among the many farm animals and gardens.
  • Field trips for schools, day cares, youth, seniors, and special needs groups
  • Regular visits for the nearby two preschools, two elementary, two middle, one high school, and one adult transition school
  • Standards-based curriculum for school-age students
  • Garden-based workshops for adults
  • Job training for college students, developmentally disabled young adults, and disadvantaged youth
  • After-school opportunities through 4-H
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities
Call the Farm at (707) 556-8765 for more information.
Loma Vista Farm is a public and private venture between the Vallejo City Unified School District and the Friends of Loma Vista Farm, a community-based nonprofit organization established in 2003. The Friends provide fiscal, administrative, organizational oversight, and leadership. The Board is comprised of teachers, parents, community members, and representatives from local businesses. The Friends’ mission is to support Loma Vista Farm and Garden Center with funding, future planning and development, and management. Check out their website to see the exciting things they are creating.
And Stay tuned for more details!

My new CD-This is 10 years in the making!

What You Think is What You Get

Botticelli Woman Productions

Do you agree with the about statement? Have you had any experiences when you kept thinking the same thought over and over again and it came true? Did you ever wonder how that could happen? Have you ever heard the term “Self-fulfilling prophesy”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these are examples of how this thing works. Many people now a days are turning to “New Thought” philosophies which actually started in the late 1800’s. The basic philosophy is What ever thoughts you put your focus on is what you create in your outer world. There is actually a scientific form of prayer that goes along with this. The science is a proven formula that get results. It is called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer. When you follow these 5 steps, you will see a difference in your life experience. I have been a student of this philosophy for over 15 years and by using Affirmative Prayer, I have received solutions to life challenges, new jobs, creative breakthroughs; I have attracted new business partnerships, My CD, My loving marriage, my cozy home, continued inner peace and joy on a daily basis. It is fun to see what new things will show up in my life and my husband’s life.

The person who created the Science of Mind philosophy is called Ernest Holmes. He embodied this so deeply, I think doubt was seldom, if ever, a word in his vocabulary. As part of my graduation from my recent Science of Mind class, I did a video project explaining what Affirmative Prayer is. I wanted to share this with you.

I wrote the song that went with it. Who knows this may show up on my next CD.

We Can Let Their Voice Be Heard

My new CD-This is 10 years in the making!

One of my life long dreams is coming into manifestation. I have recorded a CD to promote peaceful co-existence between all humans and animals. The name of the CD is titled “Let Their Voice Be Heard”. It is a collection of 10 songs. These songs have been written over a 10 year span. This is part of my work as a peaceful animal activist. I have worked with animals at the local humane society for over 5 years. I learned how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique on animals that were shy or fearful. I produce a show on TV called “The Paw Stops Here” that brings awareness to the public how great and amazing animals are and I interview pet parents about their four-legged kids. I have been a volunteer instructor for the Open Paw Program for Cats.  It is training program for animals in the shelter. We teach them that humans are great beings so they feel comfortable around us and show their true personalities so they are adopted quicker.

What I have come to learn from working with animals is they have a tremendous capacity for love-giving and recieving. They communicate with us if we are willing to listen. And we can be surprised when we take the time to observe how they think and process information. I have one cat who uses sign language to tell me when he wants to sit on my lap and when he is hungry. I am meeting more and more pet parents who have feline and canine siblings in the same family and they co-habitate peacefully. My brother, Gabriel has an Australian Shepherd named Tucker who raised a kitten named Madison who is now over 2 years old. There are so many stories out there, I can probably live another 40 years and I still won’t hear them all.

I am using this CD to help raise funds for shelters, rescue groups and organizations that promote peace and wellness for animals. I am going to use the concerts across the country and raise money for these organizations. A percentage of the proceeds from the concert will go back to one of these organizations. I have my first concert coming up in March (I will list the event on my “events” page) If you can’t attend you can still donate something to the organization. I am so grateful that things fell into place the way they did. if you go to the “Botticelli Woman Productions” page, you can hear a sample. I am so grateful. It is true if I am open to my dreams I can “dream” them into manifestation.

Life Creating Life

The art I am focusing on are paper sculptures, I am naming them “Life Pieces”. I call them Life Pieces because I acitvate the crystals and stones to generate the qualities into the art. Right now I have created the symbols of Joy, Empowerment, Wisdom, Protection and Pet Guardian (to watch over your 4-legged kids). Because I work with many animal allies, you not only see the faces of humans but also cat, dog and rabbit faces. I am still learning how to draw canine faces so I use a a photo of a beloved canine, named Loki who made his transition a couple of years ago. When he was in body, I saw him as a power healer and peace maker. Loki’s mom is Bobbi Durston, a very wonderful Animal behaviorist/trainer who works as the training coordinator at the Humane Society of the North Bay.

It can take 3 days to make one piece. It is a process of maintaining patience and grace.  I start by drawing the base. I use watercolor pencils to make the base image:

This is the bottom layer of the Joy Life Piece

The reason it has a glossy appearance is because I apply a coat of a decoupage sealant.  It makes it  easier to use the shape the sun rays with my tools. The face you see is not the top layer. I will photograph the face and then resize it and then print out the design using my inkjet printer.  Down below you can see the layers I use. I don’t use all the pieces, but sometimes I make a mistake in how I cut out the pieces, If I have any left over I can use it for another project.

These are the layers I use to build up the definition of the face. I use adhesive foam squares to put them all together.

Thank you Sony Cybershot, Printmaster Gold and Canon Pixma IP4820 for making my life easier.

After I’ve printed all the pieces then I apply a coat of Decoupage sealant to all the pieces. It takes an hour to dry. This is definitely not an art form if you want instant gratification, but being that I am a multi-tasking person by nature, there are always other things I am working. At the moment I am working on 3 video projects-including producing a new show on the Science of Mind teachings.

Here is an example of the layers used. This is a painted by using my watercolor pencils.

This section is being sealed with a Mod Podge. When they are all dry, then the fun starts. I take my shaping tools and pads and change them in to more of a 3D look. when the layers are put together, I affix them to a background, usually it is painted in acrylics and Mod Podge to give the the Life Piece a more accentuated look. I also use fabric paint to make simulated beads and glitter paint.

After it is put together, I then add the stones. The stones I am using right now to make the “Joy” Life Pieces are Selenite-this stone generates feelings of love and compassion. When it is held, you can feel a gentle stream of energy helping you to relax, giving you feeling of well being; Beryl-this stones helps you to release emotional baggage and point you in the right direction on how to do that; Black Tourmaline-this stone dispels and repels negative energy; Larkivite-this stone accentuates the knowlege to find answers of a spiritual nature or if you are in school. Sometimes I use Kyanite-this is a stone that is a nurturing tranquil stone. When you hold the Kyanite and Black Tourmaline in your non-dominant hand and the Selenite, it is like taking a natural valium.

Closer angleFinished Joy Life Piece

When the piece is finished. I go into my mediation room and do the activation meditation. This is where I invite Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to activate the qualities of the stones in the art piece. I imagine the person it is going to, to connect with the qualities of the stones too. It is a wonderful feeling for me because I receive the blessings from the angels too. Once it is activated, it becomes a living energy of joy, love and compassion.

I love doing this art. I am doing my spiritual work and feel honored that I can be of service in this way. If you are interested in inviting one of my Life Pieces in to your home, you can email me at:
You can also contact me at: (707) 361-6854
Remember all you have to do is change your vision to change your life.