New Year-New Look

This is a new year and I am bubbling over with enthusiasm. I started some good projects and completed them. I have a show on VCAT, Channel 27 in Vallejo, CA, called “The Paw Stops Here”. I met and interviewed some great people and heard some heart warming stories from pet parents. To hear the deep love they have for their non-human kids and the connection they have and understanding they have though they are different species is so life affirming that love is just love, it comes in all forms and the commitment is just the same. I also produced a short film on an organization that goes out into the community and harvests fruit that would other wise go to waste and donate that food to people in the community who wouldn’t have access to good wholesome food. The organization is called Food Rescue. When I interviewed the founders of Food Rescue, Adrienne Waterman and her partner, Jay DeYoung, they had harvested over 5300 lbs. of fruit. Since then it has doubled that amount since October 2011. Here is the link to the short film.

Other projects: I recorded a CD titled “Let Their Voice Be Heard”. The CD’s theme is promoting love, respect and dignity for all beings on the planet, what ever form they are in. I am a big believer in divine guidance. I know that when I am open and focus on the good and beauty in my world, wonderful things and events take place. I joined VCAT to learn about producing my own videos, started producing a show on animals, called “The Paw Stops Here”. I happened to play the technical director the song I wanted to use for the show’s theme song and he asked me if I had enough material for a CD. He happened to be a music producer and had a recording studio in his home! That is how it happened. Now I am planning a concert/fundraiser for my ongoing mission to enlighten and educate humans about the well-being and giving the much deserving respect to animals. Part of the proceeds of the concert goes to raise funds for the venue’s choice of an animal shelter or rescue group.  It is a win-win for all.

These kinds of things is what keeps my heart open and filled with joy and laughter. I love my life with my husband of 10 years, David and our 5 Four-legged kids: Oski 9, Moon 13, Fiona 6 all cats and Reggie 4 and Buster 3 both rabbits. We have a peaceful loving home. People who come to our home often comment on how peaceful and cozy it is. Well, David and I are both artists and we thrive on the loving and child-like creativity that flows throughout our home. It is easy to keep our sense of play when we have our 5 kids playing together, running though the house, creating their forts out of the various boxes and paper bags. They constantly remind us to take time for being present in our surroundings.  It’s a rich, full life.


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