Is anyone out there?

That is the question I ask, right before I click the “publish” button. I see other people writing great blogs. They talk about their passions, their political affiliations, observatons on life and I am amazed at the many ways there are to express the same thing. I am working on my niche.

I call myself a modern day Renaissance woman because I do many things. I paint, I create 3d paper sculptures using watercolor pencils, watercolor paper, glycee, decoupage sealant; I write songs promoting love, understanding, acceptance, respect; I play the guitar; I am a life coach; public speaker and a Reiki and EFT practitioner. I am also a videographer and TV producer. I used to get confused on what I should be pursuing, then I realized why do I have to focus on one thing if they all sing to me and I have passion for all of these things.

So my blog is a way of letting the world know that yes, a person can share all of these things and use them separately or together. For people in their 20’s who think they have to be one thing-you don’t, you can be whatever your heart tells you to act on. If I recognized that who knows what would have shown up in my life.

I thought I had to be a secretary or administrative assistant or manager. That sounded noble and respectible. I shut off my creative side. I felt empty. I felt fragmented. I didn’t know what role I should fit into. And If I wanted to make money at these things-forget it. I was young, I didn’t realize it was ok to claim my creative side and could have found ways to integrate all my talents.

Now that I am older, I embrace my art. I find that the more I create, the better my problem solving skills have developed. I listen to my intuition more and get the answers I ask for with clarity and confidence. At 53, I feel happy, whole and complete. This is an affirmation that I don’t just align myself with, I embody these words. So back the the question-is there anyone out there. If you are and this speaks to you, let me know. Share your thoughts. I want to read it.


4 thoughts on “Is anyone out there?

  1. Amazing. I have struggled with the very same things – I just stumbled across your blog and am so glad I did! I have struggled with integrating many of the same things (I am also an artist, musician, and EFT practitioner!) and am just learning that I can embrace all of the talent and potential I have and that I don’t have to choose one thing for the sake of convention. Great post! Thanks!

    • Thank you for sharing. The world needs you more than ever. The planet is making the shift and going in a wholistic way of living. Those of us who are hearing the call and answering it are assisting to keep this positive movement going.

  2. I’m here! Thanks for hitting the publish button on this one. This is a great reminder that our intuition is not there to distract us from doing respectable things. It is actually a path to freedom and fulfillment. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I am grateful for listening to my inner voice. I have been reading and using the tools that Sonia Choquette writes about. I am listening to her audiobook, “Ask Your Guides”. Great read. I also had a great mentor when I was in my 30’s who taught me how to meditate, the gateway to accessing intuition. Thank you sharing your thoughts, Nice to know I am not alone.

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