You Never Know When It Will Hit

On of my Botticelli Woman Art pieces

This is a picture that sends Joy to the observer

Since I have been living a six sensory life, as Sonia Choquette, one of my favorite authors puts it, I find myself guided by my intuition 70% of the time. When I do I experience many happily unexpected surprises. My guides send a thought glimmer to me and if I am conscious and follow it, magic happens. I do believe it magic. One of the reasons my blog is called Visions Alchemy is because I believe when I change my vision to create good things, my thought is alchemically changed from thoughts to things. I see this as magical. I also use the elements of paper, glitter, stones, watercolor pencils and change them into my art.

The “it” I am referring to is intuition. Intuitive messages comes in so often that if I am not in the present moment, I miss it. but it is ok, because the inspiration will come in when it is the right time. And the times I listen, amazing things manifest. I often say “is this really  happening?’ Am I seeing things clairly?” I have learned to be conscious of eliminating the phrase “I can’t believe…’ because it can change the experience.

The latest experience happened this past weekend. I heard an intuitive message to go to the Marina area in San Francisco. I love the energy of the city of St. Francis-the patron saint of animals. It is fitting to me because I am also a peaceful animal activist. I thought would be a good opportunity to interview pet parents and their four-legged kids for my show, The Paw Stops Here.

Sunday, I woke up, My nose was congested, a sinus headache was coming on because of the weather. I knew that being out in this cold wind of the Marina area may cause the congestion to increase. But I kept hearing “go to the Marina”. So David and I set off for the city.  I was on a mission, so my perceived discomfort was over ridden.

When we got to the Marina, it was cold and a bit windy, but I got  lost in the scenery. I took footage of a group of friends playing soccer. Someone else flying a kite that looked like a dragon. There were not many dogs around. Maybe because it was still too cold to be out. But I wasn’t discouraged. I loved being an observor. Finally I saw a young couple with a  dog who had a wavy coat. I loved their energy, even though I was far enough to feel like a giant compared to the pet parents and their dog Ginger. I was attracted to their playtime together both parents taking turns throwing the  ball for Ginger to chase.

Ginger eyeing her favorite ball

Ginger's Mom, Angela

I did a short interview with Angela Tobias and she told me how Ginger came into their lives. Ginger is a Goldendoodle. Very playful and boy did she love her ball. Angela said that this particular ball is always in the car. She chased the ball so quickly, it was like someone lit her tail on fire-very impressive. When I mentioned that my show is in Vallejo and they could still watch the show by going on our website, Angela said that she and her husband work at Kaiser Vallejo. She is a nurse and he is a doctor. What a small world! Of all the people in the park, I chose them. It was a fun interview. Angela has a very sweet, boyant personality and well spoken. She is someone whose energy you want to be around. I am sure her paitents love her.

When we had finished with the interview. There was a young boy with his dog. She looked almost like a smaller version of Ginger. Her name was Georgia. Since he was here with his dog, and Georgia and Ginger were having fun running around together, I asked Jack, Georgia’s person if I could ask him a few questions. He said he could talk for a short time, he had to get Georgia home.  They adopted her from a breeder.I was later to find out that even though their parents would have liked to adopt a dog from a shelter, because of the allergies to dog fur in the household. Georgia was a good fit.  Georgia is only 13 months old and knows her name and comes when she is called. I asked Jack if they took her to a trainer. He said that his twin sister got a lot of information from different books she researched. Jack said his family lived close by the Marina.

A place to find comfort food at a comfortable price

Park Chow on 9th Avenue was my husband and my favorite date place.

I felt I had gotten enough footage for my show and we headed out to our favorite restaurant, Park Chow. I love this restaurant. it serves yummy, comfort food at a comfortable price. We decided to have breakfast even though it was past noon. I ordered basic eggs and potatoes and an English muffin. David ordered the Blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon. The pancakes were gigantic. they sprinkled some powered sugar on them and were garnished with blueberries.The eggs were cooked just right and they were lightly seasoned with what I detected a hint of garlic. I highly recommend this restaurant. Of course I have nostalgic feelings when David and I were dating, this was our favorite date place.

Before we left, David needed to stop at the bank and I was waiting. I had to keep moving so I could warm up in spite of the icy breeze using my face as a target. There was a Kiosk that held a free magazine about San Francisco called Northside San Francisco. For some reason, my intuition said, “Pick it up”. I love reading about San Francisco so I opened the lid and took one. There on the cover was a family standing in front of the Golden Gate bridge. The photo was also taken at the Marina. I didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but there was an article that did peak my interest it was a story about a former company I worked for, Pet Food Express.

I decided to pick up a latte for the road, so we chose Starbucks. I got 2 gift cards for Christmas, I might as well use them. I ordered a Chai tea latte. As I was waiting. I looked at the cover of the magazine again. This time I noticed the photo of the young boy, he looked familiar. It was a photo of the young boy I interviewed earlier in the day! Then I looked at his father, he looked familiar too. I saw the caption that identified the family. The man’s name was Tom Sinkovitz. He is a newscaster on KRON, Channel 4 in San Francisco!

Georgia's brother, Jack

How synchronistic it was! The first people I interviewed worked in Vallejo. Jack Sinkovitz, The young boy I interviewed was on the cover of a magazine and his father, Tom Sinkovitz, is a newscaster for Channel 4 in San Francisco.  I still feel there is more to this than what is here in the moment. Iwill keep my eyes and ears open to see what other things are to be revealed from this. Just another demonstration, that I never know when my intuitive mind will send me important messages. I just need to be open. BTW, when I air these interviews on my show I will let you know when to watch. Don’t live in Vallejo? You can still watch my show on our website, on Mondays and Saturdays at 5:30pm

Georgia is ready to play


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