It Takes a Community to Build a Peaceful World

Starbucks stirs up a lot of quips from people “Starbucks is like a bus stop, if you move a couple of blocks down you will see another one”. In the satirical movie on people who play the dog show circuits “Best in Show”, two characters were saying how they met. They would each see the other working on their Macs across the street from each other at their favorite Starbucks.

When I worked in San Francisco I could actually see 4 Starbucks in a 2 block radius. Yes it may make for good comedy by Jay Leno or  David Letterman, but even they would have to admit that for the many, many Starbucks in the area, Starbucks does many wonderful things in the community and around the world. Just look at this inspiring video.

Yes, I myself like Starbucks. Sometimes I will go there to get away for our four legged kids who think I am there to open up the cafeteria when they are hungry or want a comfy nap for their lap time. I feel the warm, cozy energy when I walk through the doors. The Partners as they are called also epitomize that feeling. very polite, bright, sunny-they make me feel as if I am their most valued coffee patron.  And I feel creatively fed when I am drinking my Chai Tea Latte or Grande size coffee. It is this indulgence that keeps my channels open to work on my video work or workshop ideas.

So I am raising my cup to say “Thank you , Starbucks for being the bright star in my world.”


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