The Journey of Letting Their Voice Be Heard

Loma Vista Farms does so much for the community!

I really looking forward to working with Rita at LVF.

The first concert date is March 18th at The Vallejo First Church of Religious Science, from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. The suggested Love donation is $15 (but you are free to give more:) I am creating my rehearsal dates, contacting friends and family to help grow the concert. March 18th is only 2 months away, yet, I know that things will fall into place at the perfect time. My Brother Gabe De Los Santos who is a very talented singer/songwriter is going to be contributing his music and voice. He has agreed to do 3 of his compositions and will join me for a duet of Amazing Grace, which is featured on my Cd.

Two good friends Ed Rosenback and Lee Wingfield are going to also join me in one of my songs. They are very talented dynamic singers and songwriters also. I love singing alone but I really love singing harmony that is the Angel side of me. I have been wanting to put together a concert for a long time, but couldn’t visualize it before now. My guides tell me there will be many surprises along the way to help me to keep things lighthearted, when I get too serious and turn into an “Artiste” ( I still need to buy my baret).

In the beginning of this concert/fundraiser, I was only going to focus on animal rescue groups, I got the inspiration to support all organizations that support the message of my CD, promoting love and respect for all beings on the planet.The first organization to participate  is Loma Vista Farms. They do so much for the community. They teach us how to respect the land and all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants.  The message of Loma Vista Farm is this(borrowed from their website):

Founded in 1974, Loma Vista Farm has been making a difference in the community for almost four decades as a resource for environmental education.
 The services the Farm provides to the community are:
  • A place for individuals and families to enjoy time outdoors among the many farm animals and gardens.
  • Field trips for schools, day cares, youth, seniors, and special needs groups
  • Regular visits for the nearby two preschools, two elementary, two middle, one high school, and one adult transition school
  • Standards-based curriculum for school-age students
  • Garden-based workshops for adults
  • Job training for college students, developmentally disabled young adults, and disadvantaged youth
  • After-school opportunities through 4-H
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities
Call the Farm at (707) 556-8765 for more information.
Loma Vista Farm is a public and private venture between the Vallejo City Unified School District and the Friends of Loma Vista Farm, a community-based nonprofit organization established in 2003. The Friends provide fiscal, administrative, organizational oversight, and leadership. The Board is comprised of teachers, parents, community members, and representatives from local businesses. The Friends’ mission is to support Loma Vista Farm and Garden Center with funding, future planning and development, and management. Check out their website to see the exciting things they are creating.
And Stay tuned for more details!

My new CD-This is 10 years in the making!


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