Staying open to the creative process

Yesterday, I announced my first concert date on my site, designed the flyer, wrote on my facebook wall. Today I get an email from one of the guest singers that he has a prior musical commitment he forgot about and wanted to know if I could change the date from March 18th to March 25th? The date change is fine, one more week to practice! Blessedly, it is still early enough that I hadn’t made any copies of my flyers yet or put the concert on Craigslist or the online periodicals in my area. I checked with Rita at Loma Vista Farm if the change was ok and she is fine with it too. My guides said to expect surprises along the way.  I just made the date change in my Events page. It will be easy to fix my flyer information. I know whatever comes up is part of the process. By keeping my attitude in a open receptive way, there will always be a solution. Who knows maybe the change will allow more people to come? I am open to all possibilities. I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to co-create this concert experience with the Universe and my friends. I will keep you posted on further details.


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