Six Degrees of Separation or it is a small world

I could also say that we are all connected on the cosmic grid and drop in when we least expect it. In my life so far I have met actor, Michael Douglas,  when he starred in the series, The Streets of San Francisco comedianne, Margaret Cho when I worked for a bay area company where she served on the board of directors… I met Glen Campbell when I was in middle school at a catholic girl’s conference; I met the late actor, John Dye, the actor who played Andrew-the angel of death in the TV show,  Touched by an angel,  in a store I used to work for; I met Tony La Russa when he was buying food and supplies when I worked at, Pet Food Express, a Bay area Pet food store. I also received a nice letter from one of my favorite actors, Rene Auberjonois, when I sent him a fan letter after I saw him in the play, The Foreigner.

In the support of the theory that we can link six people or less that have met a famous person:

My uncle met Barry Manilow when he was waiting for a plane to take him to Japan; my husband met Bruce Springsteen at a concert. He said he was standing right next to him and didn’t know it was him.; He met some of the musicians from the group, The Babys, when he worked at a Tower of Posters. He also met the group U2 when they played in the quad at San Jose State where he went to college. My husband saw Chris Isaak at the beach a few blocks where he lived in the Sunset District in San Francisco. My friend Angelique Stacy had Lady Ga Ga in the audience when she was performing with her band.

I guess I could go on and on, but I think you now get the idea. We really are connected in this world and you never know when you go out in the world who you will meet. I have met energetically through this blog some very talented artists with a loving outlook of the world. I feel very honored and grateful that we somehow found each other on the information highway.

I have this philosophy that people are people no matter what occupation they have or walk of life they come from. And we all something wonderful to share if we only allow ourselves to see what is around us. Do you have any experiences of well known people you have met or your friends of family met? Share your stories.


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