Thinking outside the box in a different way

I hear this phrase , “think outside the box” all the time. So I started thinking, instead of thinking outside the box, why not go inside the box and re-shape it into a shape you like? who says the box is made out of a rigid substance? maybe the box is make of pipe cleaners or clay? It is like being a visionary alchemist. We use things that may not fit in our life and visualize them into something else. Just a thought…

Amy is a happy girl who loves to dress up.

Today I finished my art project for the Humane Society of the North Bay’s Denim and Diamonds Barkitecture fundraiser. What is this. I will go into details in a moment.  The project I created is an 3D  8 X 10 wall hanging . A cat  I named Amy. Amy is wearing a jacket and skirt made of denim to go with the theme. The photo I have included doesn’t really show the 3 dimensions, but it is still cute. My designs will tell me what to name them. Amy was made with watercolor paper,  gold fabric paint, clear rhinestones, 3d scrapbook roses and a touch of decoupage sealant. The frame I got from a thrift store. It was a little weathered, but the frame was well built. I took two coats of Indian Blue acrylic paint and two coats blue glitter paint. I never worked with fabric before or made a jacket or skirt, but for the first time, I am very pleased with her. I really want her to go to a good home.

What is the Barkitecture fundraiser for the Humane Society of the North Bay? It is an annual event in which organizations and individuals build dog houses and cat domicile’s and then they are auctioned off. They also have a silent auction (that is where Amy will be) and people write down their bids. They also have fabulous food and drink.  This is one of the Humane Society’s well attended and successful events, the dream child of the HSNB Director, Peter Wilson. I have known Peter for quite a while. We both met when we worked at Pet Food Express.  If you are in the Vallejo area, please plan on attending. Like I said it is really a lot of fun and a very good cause. For more information go to


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