A powerful tool for the Visionary Alchemist

One of my good Friends and fellow musicians, Ed Rosenback from the Vallejo Center for Spiritual Living

I am not  religious person. I do believe in the power of God, and I love the word. But I sometimes believe that God is an acronym for “Good order Directive”. I know the power that God has and I also know that I am a divine expression of God in human form. So as I say in my affirmative prayers:

 “Because I am a divine expression of God made in the spiritual likeness of God, God and I are co-creating my life right here and now.”

I live my life through the Science of Mind philosophy. I am studying to become a licensed practitioner. And what I have learned so far is what God is, how God works and how I can use the power of God to create and maintain the goodness that is already here. I see God when I look at my 4-legged kids. I see God when I look at my flora kids and see how strong and vibrant they grow and with loving encoragment, they continue to produce leaf babies.I see God through the eyes of my husband and the love and compassion he embodies; how he sees the world and how that reflects in the love we share together.

Part of using the power of God is in the form of Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment. This is a five step process that changes ideas and thoughts into the life experience I want to create  in my life. It can be as simple as manifesting a good day of happy events and people or something bigger like a new car or job.

Basically, If you have something in your life that isn’t in alignment with the experiences you want to have, you can use the Affirmative Prayer process to change it. In our philosophy, what ever thoughts you believe in your mind, are the experiences you will create in your life.

And it does work. It is called Science of Mind because this is a formulated process that get results. It is a step beyond positive thinking. We use absolute spiritual laws. Even if you don’t believe in them they still work. For example, you may not believe in electricity but it still exists. Science can tell you how it works. You don’t even have to know how it works. But you know it works when you turn on a light switch. You also know the frustration when the power is off because you didn’t pay PG&E. And even if the lights are on and no one is home, you know electricity still exists.

Here is an explanation of what Affirmative Prayer is from the Science of Mind website:

1. Recognition—know that God is all there is.

2. Unification—know that you are one with God.

3. Declaration—state your word for the circumstance you want to manifest.

4. Thanksgiving—give thanks for your word being acted upon by the Law of mind.

5. Release—“And so it is!”

There is no beseeching to or urge to compel an outside entity in spiritual mind treatment.  As Ernest Holmes states in The Science of Mind:

Effective mental treatment is propelled by a consciousness of love and a realization that the Creative spirit is always at work….A treatment should be given in a calm, expectant manner and with a deep inner conviction of its reality, without any fear or any sense that the human mind must make it effective. The work is effective because the Law is always in operation.

I had two very good demonstrations recently using affirmative prayer. The first one, I had a growth on my neck and it started to get swollen and grow. I made an appointment with the doctor to get it checked out. The doctor couldn’t get me in until 4 days later. I did my treatment. within 2 days, not only did it start shrinking but it went away all together. I had to cancel my appointment with my doctor because there was nothing to see.

The second demonstration happened over the weekend. I had been wanting to attract a PT job for almost 6 months. I started to get discouraged. I knew I was focusing on the lack of work and I needed someone who could hold the consciousness that my job was manifesting.  I asked two of my church practitioners and spiritual mentors, Alex Richardson and Sharon Cross to help me find a job. Within two days, the job came in. Whatever belief that was still holding on, they helped to increase my belief that it was already created and just waiting for me to let go of the process. This new position is fun, interesting and I get to use my skills in a fulfilling way; working in a good location (my home) and I earn good pay. It worked! I am so grateful.

So this Affirmative Prayer complements my visionary alchemy. I have said this before and I will share it again:

If I can see it, I can believe it, when I believe it, I can achieve it. If you are interested in learning more about Ernest Holmes, who created the Science of Mind teachings and Affirmative Prayer, go to http://www.scienceofmind.com/


2 thoughts on “A powerful tool for the Visionary Alchemist

    • Hello: Yes, it is true. I have been living the Science of Mind philosophy since 1997 and in that time I found the love of my life (or I should say, recognized him, I knew David since high school and we got reconnected in 1999),living in our dream home, found my gift as an painter, learned to have joy in my life on a daily basis. I realize that life is magical, when I start thinking how I can create a magical life, it appears. That is why I am taking my training to become a licensed practitioner so I can coach others to learning how to use Science of Mind to create the life they choose to create. It is truly a blessing. as you are!

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