Tap your way through life

I think Tap dancing is a great form of exercise and fun to watch. I remember watching Gwen Verdon in “White Christmas”. There was a song she was tapping to and her toe was tapping so fast I couldn’t see it move but I could hear it. I also loved the fancy footwork of Gregory Hines, he wasn’t bad on the eyes either. This is actually not a blog entry about tap dancing. This was a creative way of talking about one of my favorite things to do when I am stressed, angry or have physical pain. I tap it away.

Yes, you read right. I tap it away. I use a form of acupressure that is called the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.  This healing modality is also called Energy Psychology, because we are using our words to change the energy in the body by using key phrases.  There is one core issue that is causing the problem. One master practitioner said that when you use EFT on a problem it is like turning back the clock to the time before you suffered the trauma.

For instance, I used to have a phobia of speaking up for myself when I was in conflict. My brain would instantly freeze and I couldn’t remember what I needed to say. This really got in the way when I had work conflicts. Then later on, after I left the meeting, I would kick myself because, then my brain woke up and I remembered what I needed to say. I finally went to an EFT practitioner and through the tapping , I found out that my core issue or unconscious message was that I would be punished if I spoke up. This came from an experience I had when I was in fourth grade.

I had a very tyrannical teacher. She was a believer that if you don’t  answer the questions correctly or you make a mistake, you would be hit on the knuckles with a ruler or locked in a closet.  My classmates were always saying “Someone needs to get rid of her.”  One day as we were learning square dancing, I didn’t move the right way and she grabbed me by the collar and yanked me back. She was wearing a ring with a sharp edge and she cut my neck. When I got home I showed my parents. They went and spoke to the principal and the teacher got a reprimand. The next day she stood in front of the class, and said that  I told on her. Instead of all the kids patting me on the back and saying “good job” they all turned against me and asked me how I could be so mean? I was ostracized and it lasted until I got out of grammar school.  Through the series of tappings I started feeling my anxiety lessen and now when there is a conflict, my mind is still alert. This name fits perfectly.  It is like being released from an emotional prison. This was a big one for me and it lasted for over 44 years!

EFT practitioners have used EFT to help veterans, release Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. There was one person  memories of the war were so strong, he had to literally drink so he could pass out. After a few weeks of EFT, he no longer drinks and he can sleep through the night. I have also used EFT on animals a the shelter I voluteer at. This was a dog who was kept in the back yard and used only for mating. She had no socialization what so ever. When the animal behaviorist, Bobbi Durston, and myself first started working on Freckles, she was restless and paced a lot. After a few rounds of tapping, she went to the toy box that was in the room and chose one of the tennis balls and started asking everyone in the room to roll the ball to her. Bobbi  was grining from ear to ear. She said “this is the first time in Freckles’ life that she has learned to play with a ball”. Two weeks later, Freckles got adopted.

Here is a short video that explains the basis of EFT:

I use this method when I work with clients teaching about  using the Law of Attraction. We can work and find out what the core issue that is holding them back. Maybe they want to have a loving, positive relationship and they keep attracting the same type of person that makes them miserable. What is the subconscious message that is telling my client this is their perfect mate?  Once we find the core issue through one or more rounds of tapping. We can clear it, then use a positive set up phrase to replace the old messages, much like reprogamming a software program, and the issue is gone. How do you know it is gone? You will feel neutral about the core issue and your life experience changes.  So if you are feeling stuck in any part of your life, start tapping. If you would like EFT Coaching, contact me on the “Contact Visions Alchemy” page.


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