Let’s spread a little love today

Affirmative Prayer is a very powerful tool.

I was reading my email today and a good friend sent me and my church family a request for Affirmative prayer. Her Daughter has a health challenge in the form of brain cancer and her father, who is 90 broke his neck. I know how powerful Affiirmative Prayer is so I wrote an Affirmative Prayer for her and her family. I would like you to join me, virutally, in saying this Affimative Prayer at 8PM PST. Here is the AP:

We know there is one God, One mind, One Heart. This Infinite Spirit is everywhere present, as it is said there is a spot where God is not.

And we are the one with the God that created us and we express the same spiritual qualities that God has and it flows through every thought, every cell, every organ and every function in our body.

So I Evelyn, speak my word and declare my word that Sarah and your Father are surrounded by the love and power of God right here and now and wholeness, harmony and balance is already here in this experience and manifests at the perfect time. It is done before I spoke these words because the Infinite Spirit that is God already knows what is needed and necessary for the perfect expression of Wholeness for Sarah, your Father and all family members. It is so powerful and present, we all feel it. these blessing flows to each and everyone of us.With our combined blessings and intentions, It is done, Wholeness is here now! it is here, it is present, it is done!

And I thank God for giving us this expression of love, wholeness and harmony that is flowing through Sarah, your Father and your family at this time and always.

So I release these words to the highest mind of God, knowing that it is already done, and these words manifest back to me and all of us, multiplied abundantly and so it is! Namaste.
I am taking classes now for becoming a licensed practitioner for our church. If you want to know more about affirmative prayer and how it can change your life please go to:
If you want to find out more about the founder of Religious Science:

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