March 25th is almost here!


It is getting close to March 25th, the day of the concert. I am nervous, yet excited. I am working on a Public Service Announcement to air on VCAT, the community access station I am a member of. I currently have a show airing on the station titled, “The Paw Stops Here”. This is another way to get the word out. It is coming together nicely. I am struggling a bit. I caught a cold and have been staying home nurturing myself and resting. So I am taking it easy. I am very pleased with the flow of this PSA. When it is all done, I will post it here and on YouTube. If you are not able to attend, please keep in mind you can still contribute to Loma Vista Farm. They do so much good good work for the community. They teach people how to honor and respect the land and animals, how to grow your own vegetables, environmental education. Many schools go there on field trips. Many kids would not be exposed to this otherwise. So I am happy to help raise funds for this worthy organization. For more information about the concert check out the Visions Alchemy Visionary Events. To find out more about Loma Vista Farm go to

There is more to come. Stay tuned!


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