Simple gifts can be most powerful

I have not written in such a long time. There were many, many things happening. I felt I had to step back and allow certain things in my life run it’s course. I am doing consulting work in a field that was foreign to me. I do this part time but my income went up 100%. The person who owns the company lives the laws of Gratitude, Circulation and Prosperity. In a time where the consciousness for some is “there isn’t enough, the economy is bad (cancel, cancel as he would say) his business is thriving. He has said more than once that he wants to help me to generate more opportunities to attract more income. It gives him joy to help others succeed and he has the belief we are all part of a team to create a winning outcome. I love the energy he radiates. So through the work I contribute part critical thinking, part data entry, it is challenging and keeps my interest. Just recently I helped compile the data for a new Ap one of his companies is developing. I work part time so I have some down time in the second half of the month to pursue my other interests-music, art, reading. I am learning to play a new instrument. It is called the Bowed Psaltery. It has the sound of an ethereal violin but is much easier to play. Even when I am playing simple scales I feel the vibrations centering my chakras and stress dissipates with the sound. It is an instrument that sounds wonderful with mountain dulcimers, lap harps and guitars. Here is a link to the sound it makes:

This is the exact model I have. I am upgrading to a Psaltery that has a three octave range and a friend is buying this one. We plan to start playing together. David and I also started changing our eating habits. The motivation was David’s diabetes getting out of control. His blood sugar spiked so high at one point, we thought he had a stroke. He was having trouble concentrating, his speech started getting slurred. It was a scary experience. We went to his doctor and was able to get his medication changed we started eating more healthy, more whole grains, fruits, veggies and he dropped a lot of weight. I lost 8 lbs. I have more energy. but my weight has plateaued. it is time to increase my activity. I joined a gym. I had a consultation with one of the fitness trainers there and she helped me design a program for me to achieve my fitness goals. I am also getting a new electric bike. My other bike got stolen and I have been wanting to get an electric bike from this company for a long time. Here is a video of the model I am getting:

The reason for getting the electric bike that we have so many hills where we live, I felt I was walking my bike more than riding it and because it goes up to 45 miles on a single charge I can visit my favorite city more regularly, Benicia, California and set my own schedule when I want to go to my gym–and this bike is good for the earth too!

Yes, the simple gifts of joy, music, good health makes me feel so rich. When I feel more comfortable I will record my friend and myself playing our Psalteries. It is like an instrument invented by the angels. In fact, my new Psaltery will have angels on it with the word “Faith”.


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