Everything’s Rosey with Rose

This is Rose, my muse

Yes I gave my baritone Psaltery  a name. I call her Rose or Rosey. She is a a deep sultry sounding Psaltery and the sound has a Cello-isque tone. It is soothing to listen to her notes. I am practicing scales right now and then I will start re-learning the songs I taught myself on my Soprano Psaltery who I am gifting to a friend who is helping me learn about good nutrition and incorporating the right vitamin supplements into my husband and my food plan ( I don’t like the word diet, as Richard Simmons once said it has “die” in the word).  The first time I let Linda play the Soprano Psaltery, she seemed to activate frequencies that made the Psaltery sound even more angelic. I knew that she is a healer and this instrument is going to be helpful on the quest to using the Psaltery as a healing instrument. Our plan is to start learning songs and playing together.  My goal is for Linda and I to start playing in Senior homes, going to schools and introducing this bowed instrument made of wood, metal hitch and tuning pins and sounds like an ethereal violin and help to encourange new Psaltery players. Parents can buy beginning Soprano Psaltries for $70 to $80.

I read the Bowed Psaltery was created by a gentleman in Germany who wanted an instrument that was easy children to learn. I recently had a lesson with Donna Malus, via Skype, and she said that many Psaltery players don’t read music and can still play the instrument beautifully.  I am not advocating that basic music theory is not neccessary. I do read music and it is helps to know the notes and rhythm when I am learning a song, but my intention here is to let you know that it is that easy to play.

Donna Malus is a super Psaltery player who I got acquainted with when I happened to find her website, Psaltery Strings,http://psalterystrings.ning.com/ I asked Donna why she decided to create the website and Donna said when she discovered the Bowed Psaltery, 5 years ago, she had a hard time finding information about the instrument or tips on how to improve your playing skill. Now she says there are over 400+ members and the list just keeps growing.

I would love to see other Psaltery players in my area in the Bay Area. Back east, they have an annual Bowed Psaltery Symphony. My intention is to attend in 2014. It would be nice to have this kind of event in our area too.


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