Keeping the Laws of Circulation moving

I am cleaning out my music room to set up my recording/practice room for my new Psaltery Rose. I found some things I wonder why I saved them. I do have a tendency to hold on to things because they may be used for an art project, but I also recognize I can be a pack rat and by this in-action, I just stopped the flow of circulation. I can see my thoughts around finances is shifting, so maybe starting this project is another step in keeping the flow of my new found prosperity going. I have felt that good things keep coming-My mantra, “What is truly mine comes to me at the perfect time”. I was talking with my husband, David, laying in bed still trying to motivate myself to start my day. “You know, it is incredible that now being in my 50’s I am where I wanted to be in my 30’s. I am in a good marriage I am doing work that is challenging and fullfilling and our finances keeps growing. But I realize because it is happening now it is because I have cleared false beliefs I held regarding finances.” and David in his down to earth nature, says “that’s good Honey.”  It is good and very good. Some people may feel that they were dealt a bad hand and will remain the same as it was 5 years ago. And yes, if your thoughts are the same, then you are right. If you start getting little glimpses of possibilities on how to change your life you are also right. I realized that when I started focusing on what would take place in a situation and visualized it for no more than 2 minutes a day or more, things would evolve in the the visualization. I started living my meditations. If you have a message that is like a groove in your brain the way you see the lines in a CD or DVD, ask someone to help you. I sure we alll know people who have attracted things in their lives that you would like to have in your life, ask them how they did it, what did they feel when they were thinking of having it. you might find out there is something you can start visualizing to open up your stream of consciousness. When my shift towards finding work that is fulfilling, attracting more opportunities to grow my consciousness it was a real eye opener. Because I realized more of how this works. I am like a broken record-life is to be enjoyed I see this everyday.


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