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Everyday Miracles

This has been quite a year for my family. Many lessons and many happy surprises. My husband David had a health scare a few months ago, now he is doing much better. Both of us are eating better and he has dropped 40 lbs. I am feeling more freedom emotionally, spiritually, creatively, physically and financially. I am learning a new instrument that I also feel is going to help me in my healing work. Since I have been incorporating my virtual meditation-healing circle I am seeing results with my family and friends. There is a richness in my life that continues to grow.

One of my prayers has been for my brothers and sister and myself to become re-connected. We grew up in a household where we became fragmented. For many years, very little communication took place. Recently, our father passed away and this was the catalyst to re-connect. My older sister and myself went to our family home to visit with our younger brother who was the care taker for our father. We went out to dinner and started getting reacquainted. For some of you out there who have always have close family relationships, this may seem foreign to you. To think that you could go almost 20 years without any communication. We all had to do some inner work so we could come together in an open and humble space. To end any ego thoughts of the blame game and alchemically change to a level of gentleness and compassion. That is a miracle.

Our youngest brother had moved to another state and because of things going in his life, I had no idea how to get in touch with him. My Brother Gabe, who has been clean and sober for 9 years and had stayed in touch with our youngest brother gave me his number and said to call him. So I did call and left messages for about a year off and on. I believe he was still sorting out some things in his life that were painful, he needed to reconcile with.

I continued to send healing blessings to our family. I knew that healing is always taking place and may not be seen in a way I perceive it, yet I know it is still working. Two weeks ago, I called my youngest brother, Christopher. He wasn’t home, but I left a message. The next day he called, but I was in the shower. He left a message on my voicemail and hearing his voice after so many years was a gift in itself.

We finally did talk. Chris has gone through a lot and he has done a lot of inner work and he taken responsibility of his life. It is so courageous to look at the stuff that happened in his life and make positive changes. he is going to school. He wants to be a teacher. He is a very talented writer and he is also studying the Piano.

My Sister also was having challenges with family stuff and I hadn’t spoken to her for almost two years. Then 2 months ago, I needed help putting my bike together and asked our brother in law if he could come over. He hadn’t mentioned if my sister was coming with him. I didn’t question him, in case it was a sensitive subject. When I heard his car drive up, we heard a knock on the door and it was my sister standing there! What a wonderful surprise.

We had a nice time catching up. Now we are talking on a regular basis. Elaine is planning a tamale making party on Christmas Eve and making some tasty snacks to knosh on while we are making tamales. So Gabe, Elaine, her husband Greg, David and our canine nephew, Tucker will be spending the holidays together. Chris unfortunately will not be able to come down, but in the spring my husband and I are planning to take a trip where he lives. This is a miracle. I found out later talking to both my brothers, that we had all been praying to reconnect and it is happening. It is all in the timing. And God is always on time.


Spread Love Everywhere you Go

Christmas tree CardThis is the first line of a poem written by Mother Theresa. This was enclosed in a very beautiful card I received from a kindred spirit I met when we were in a Master Mind class together a couple of years ago. Doug is the epitome of pure love expressing himself as a human being. I guess I could also say a Spiritual being living a life in a human body. Christmas cards are such special gifts. They are all wrapped up and you never know what is inside until you unwrap it.

This is the poem from Mother Theresa:

Spread love everywhere you go, 
first of all in your own house

Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, 
to a next door neighbor

Let no one ever come to you 
without leaving better and happier.

Be the living expression of God's Kindness; 
kindness in your face,
kindness in your eyes
kindness in your smile
kindness I your warm greeting

Thank you so much Doug for sharing this with me.

The Magical Spirit of Santa

Magical 3D SantaI get so excited when it is officially Christmas season (even though Costco seems to think it is July). As soon as Black Friday is upon us, it is my cue to start playing Christmas music. I love the whole feeling, sentiments, notes, lyrics and different arrangements of all the Christmas songs. I think my favorite songs are “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Silent Night. My favorite Christmas movies are White Christmas, The Christmas Story and It’s a Wonderful Life. I love it when it is cold and I get to enjoy my favorite drink, a Peppermint Mocha (I’m having it right now thanks to Coffee Mate).  My husband David is Making Almond Biscotti, so the aroma of amaretto and cookies is floating through the house. This afternoon I am making chocolate cookies and finishing decorating the house. And this year in the spirit of Christmas I am making 3D Christmas cards. I am looking at the on my mantel and seeing the 11 cards I have made so far to give to friends and family. I feel like a Santa making things in my holiday workshop I set up in our dining room. That seems to be the heart of the house. David and I work on our computers. My Piano is here and ready for me to play whenever I am inspired. You will see our cats, Oski, Moon and Fiona sleeping in my meditation chair or on David’s computer table. Sometimes you may also see Reggie or Buster taking a nap under the dining room table. Very cozy and comfortable, so why not continue the Santa Spirit by making Christmas cards? I sometimes wish I still believed there was an actual Santa. My Dad was very good at keeping us guessing about Santa. I was 8 years old and I still believed in Santa. I remember one Christmas, we went to stay with my Aunt Hortetia and her family in  San Lorenzo. My Dad would say “Santa is arriving any minute, keep watching.”  He had such enthusiasm, I believed it. In my 8 year old mind I was visualizing Santa walking in his red suit, black boots, carrying our presents in his magical sack. Even though we got so tired and finally went to bed. I woke up the next day regretting that I couldn’t stay awake to see the real Santa. Those were good memories. So I can keep the spirit of Santa by making and giving away my Handmade 3D Christmas cards.

It was my Honor to be interviewed

Alchemy WomanOne of my good friends, who moved to Louisville, KY has a blog website and she asked if she could interview me about my art and philosophy about how spirit helps me create. Angelique Stacy, who is a Renaissance Woman in her own right sent me the questions and asked me to send a few of may art pieces. Angelique made me feel like a celebrity. For those who would like to read the interview here is the link:

Playing the Good Psalms of the Psaltery


Isn’t this a great looking bike? So Stylish.

Baby Psaltery1

This is my Baby Psaltrey by Zither Heaven

I had a wonderful day at the waterfront in the city I live in, Vallejo. I got on my Alkaline HyBike,; placed my baby Psaltery in the basket and took off. It was a beautiful, brisk sunny day and I loved being out. This bike gets me to the waterfront in 10 minutes. I Found a nice place to park in front of the coffee place, Panama Red. I was pondering as to whether to get a rich, taste intensive, Pumpkin Spice latte, but I decided on their house blend. I sat at the bench, rosined up my bow and started playing scales. I am starting to get the feel of where the sweet spot on the string is. As I was playing, a man and a woman came up. The husband said that he had seen a Psaltery before, but never up close. I asked him if he would like to play it and he did. I told them the short history of the Bowed Psaltery, that it was created by a German school teacher who wanted an instrument for students to learn that would be easier to play than a violin. He said that he plays in a band in Vallejo at a local club on Marin street from 5 to 9. I had no idea there was a club here in Vallejo.  My husband and I are going to have to hear him play.WateronWater1109

While I was Practicing Danny Boy. I had another person who was curious about my baby Psaltery, made by Zither Heaven. She loved the sound and wanted to know more about it and where she could get one. Again I gave the short history on the Bowed Psaltery and the website, I happen to  mention that I will be teaching a beginning class on the Bowed Psaltery in the spring. She was interested in taking the class I handed her a card. Yay, another potential Psalteryist! When I was getting ready to go home, I saw a mother and her kids walking. I think they were waiting for the ferry. I asked Denise, the little girl, if she would like to play my Psaltery. I showed her how to hold the Psaltery and the bow and in minutes she was making some very nice tones. She told me she is learning the guitar. She is teaching herself. Another fellow guitarist. What a great day. I got to ride my Alkaline HyBike, which is now being charged. I got to play my Psaltery in the sunshine and playing next to the water, which is one of my most favorite places to be. I got to drink a great cup of java and talk to other people about this very special instrument. I am starting to feel like a Johnny Appleseed spreading the good Psalms of the Psaltery. The more I play on the baby Psaltery or Rose, my Baritone Psaltery, the more I feel this is a very special journey I am on and enthusiastically open to where this path will lead me.

Peace is absolute and everywhere present

Liu Xiaobo and Liu XiaToday I received a post regarding a peace activist being imprisoned for speaking up for the right of every human to be treated with dignity and respect. He was the recipient of the 2010 Nobel Peace prize. His name is Liu Xiaobo. His wife, Liu Xia  is under house arrest. IT is time to start further prayers and virtural healing circles to allow the physical prison to dissolve. We know that with love all things are possible. What we focus on is what we create in our lives and our world. Visualize Liu and his wife with the same joy we see in this photo. The Chinese Government is scared. They don’t understand that the very thing they are trying to silence can not be silenced or destroyed it is here now. It is around us in all things. Look at your spouse, your friends your kids-human and animal alike. It is here now. It keeps growing as we focus on that. I see Liu filled with the quality of peace and know that he is safe, secure in this knowledge. Now allow the light he carries to surround his enclosure with this quality and then surround that quality with Peace in the prison allow this bubble of peace to continue to grow and expand until it encompasses the whole country, then take it farther until it encompasses the whole planet. Then see what happens in your home, your city, your friends.  It is powerful. It is part of the shift that is taking place on this planet. We will see it by the end of December.

Please sign the petition for his release. click on the link below.