Peace is absolute and everywhere present

Liu Xiaobo and Liu XiaToday I received a post regarding a peace activist being imprisoned for speaking up for the right of every human to be treated with dignity and respect. He was the recipient of the 2010 Nobel Peace prize. His name is Liu Xiaobo. His wife, Liu Xia  is under house arrest. IT is time to start further prayers and virtural healing circles to allow the physical prison to dissolve. We know that with love all things are possible. What we focus on is what we create in our lives and our world. Visualize Liu and his wife with the same joy we see in this photo. The Chinese Government is scared. They don’t understand that the very thing they are trying to silence can not be silenced or destroyed it is here now. It is around us in all things. Look at your spouse, your friends your kids-human and animal alike. It is here now. It keeps growing as we focus on that. I see Liu filled with the quality of peace and know that he is safe, secure in this knowledge. Now allow the light he carries to surround his enclosure with this quality and then surround that quality with Peace in the prison allow this bubble of peace to continue to grow and expand until it encompasses the whole country, then take it farther until it encompasses the whole planet. Then see what happens in your home, your city, your friends.  It is powerful. It is part of the shift that is taking place on this planet. We will see it by the end of December.

Please sign the petition for his release. click on the link below.


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