Some Manifesting Tips That Have Worked For Me

Who knows what is going to show Up?

Who knows what is going to show Up?

I have been a student of Spiritual Laws for quite a long time. I think I first started learning about manifesting when  my ex-boyfriends mother gave us a book by Terry Cole-Whittaker on how to create a treasure map. I was in my early 20’s. Although I found the idea intriguing, it didn’t make much sense to me how by putting pictures on a piece of poster board would help me bring the trip to London or that new TRS Model 100 laptop (does that sound dated?). So I skimmed the pages but probably left it with my ex-boyfriend when we parted ways. Moving forward to the ’90s, I found a new interest in manifesting when I found a Science of Mind church in Vallejo in 1997. I loved the core belief of the church that says “What thoughts you create in your mind you create in your life”. I would go to Sunday Service and listen to the minister’s talk and was encouraged that as long as I kept positive thoughts I would have the perfect job, great relationship, the new car-anything I could think about. I took the classes in Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual mind Treatment. I learned different forms of Meditation to quiet my mind so I could quiet the chatter in my head that would block the thoughts of manifesting the things I wanted to bring in to my life. But even when I said my affirmations and visualized, my manifestations would be hit and miss. I would get discouraged and sometimes put the Science of Mind teachings on hold and as I would say “take a break”. And you can guess that the experiences in my life would also be hit and miss. I would have cycles of abundance and then it seemed to go in reverse. It was like having a dark night of the soul that lasted a year. Being the eternal optimist that I am, I knew that even when I was feeling like I was at the end of optimism, I still had a knowing that things would turn around, even if I didn’t know how. I could still feel my guides around me. As long as I felt that lifeline I was ok. I don’t want to go through the next few years of the trial and error so we will fast forward to now. And what I have learned.

1) If things are not materializing as fast as I like, it could be that there are still some things I am not aware of that still need to fall into place before it shows up in my life.

2) There could be some things that need to be in alignment before the things I am attracting shows up in my physical life (remember it is already created in the Universal Mind)

3) Maybe I have a dense vibration I am placing my focus on-a doubt, a fear that is blocking what is already here.

4)What is truly mine shows up at the perfect time.

I love that last tip. It keeps me in an open space of possibility, of happy anticipation. It fills me with a knowing Joy that it is on the way.


2 thoughts on “Some Manifesting Tips That Have Worked For Me

  1. Hi, I recently turned 20. I have been through a lot the past couple of years. Manifesting was always something that went through my mind occasionally (my grandmother loves it) Just now I am getting into it more and more as I feel more prepared and informed about what I want. Do you have any tips as to how specific one should be and possibly some mantras and self-help quotes to keep you going?

    • Hi Chanty:
      I am so excited for you that your awareness about manifesting and claiming your good is growing at age 20. For many of us, we start becoming aware in our 40’s. So Congrats to you. My favorite mantra is “What is truly mine shows up at the perfect time” When you are in alignment with the Universe. When you are open and willing when everything matches up it comes in. Sometimes we may think it isn’t coming, but the Universe has heard your order and is working on these things even if appearances may tell you other wise. The other tip I have is something that Marianne Wiliamson shared in her book “The Law of Devine Compensation” she says not to be concerned on the form but focus on the content. If you are in the process of manifesting a car and you expect it to come in a certain way, you may miss the opportunity because it may come in a way you don’t expect. That is also part of the fun in how it shows up. One of my joys of being a Joy Guide is helping others reconnecting to the Joy that is always present but maybe life has thrown you a curve. I wake up everyday thankful for the abundance in my life-sharing my life with my favorite playmate my husband of 12 years; spending time with our 4-legged kids; practicing my violin, guitar or psaltery; spending time at my favorite coffee place; working on a song or new art piece. Meditating with my guides and allies in our virtual healing group. I have work that is stimulating and creative. I work with people who are fun-loving and all work as a harmonious team. And I am well paid. Life is fun and a wonderful adventure. I want to help other people to live joyful experiences on a daily basis. As it is written in “A Course in Miracles”, if miracles aren’t happening in your life, then something has gone wrong. Good Blessings to you!

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