I Tapped My Way to an Epiphany To Getting my Power Back


Using EFT to change messages in my subconscious gives me tremendous freedom!

That statement is not exactly true. I am always in possession of my power. Sometimes my ego blocks an aspect out of protection from an experience I had as a child. In the consulting work I do, I am always learning something new. I do work I never even conceived of 3 years ago, in a totally different field. But it has been challenging and a good exercise of feeling comfortable being out of my comfort zone. Recently other consultants started a users group to discuss any issues that come up. This is a good way to share our experiences and learn new tips to make our work easier. I was in my Bathroom, which I see more and more as my Wisdom Temple  to receive knowledge. I get my best information when I am there in the shower. I was thinking about our upcoming User’s Group and I got a message that I can never question anyone who I feel is an authority figure. That was a mind altering statement. because as far back as I can remember, when I have been in a group training session in other jobs I have had. I could never think of any questions to ask even if I didn’t understand the new procedure my trainer was telling me. It was so frustrating. I wanted to ask a question that would help me but my brain seemed to freeze and I felt like the trainer was speaking in a language other than English.  I never understood why. This little message I received in my Wisdom Temple explained that belief. So I used the tool of EFT to change that thought and unlock the brain freeze I get. Today I am in my User’s Group and not only was I able to ask questions but I was also able to add my own feedback to help my colleague.  I received another piece to the puzzle that is freeing my spirit.   Thank you Gary Craig, Nick and Jessica Ortner and my own EFT Coach, Christine Metawati for teaching me this valuable tool in EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. I am feeling tremendous emotional Joyful Freedom!


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