Two of my Favorite people together in one Video

Louise Hay was one of the first people who got me started on the belief that what you think is what you create in your life. In fact she is a Science of Mind Minister. Nick Ortner along with his sister, Jessica are two people who keep me motivated to continuing my work with EFT. So when I started looking at my email In Box, I see Nick and Louise together. What a treat. This is part of the introduction to the EFT World Summit and she is going to share her wisdom about releasing a trauma. As they are working together. I was feeling such an inner calm and I also experienced a release taking place although what I was releasing may have been a totally different experience. My higher self knows what I am ready to release so this is why it still works. In the EFT community it is called “Borrowing”.  The short video has a short intro to the event, but then you will see the interview Nick does with Louise. See what comes up for you as Nick is working with Louise. It is amazing!

Nick and Louise talking

Nick and Louise working EFT


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