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I am Joyful Today!

I'm Joyful at 55!

I’m Joyful at 55!

Yes, I am happy to report that life is good. I do work that is a joy, not a job. I still have time to do my art, continue my studies towards my Practitioner License; I am singing every week and playing the keyboard at my church. I am enjoying life with David, my playmate and husband for 12 years, and our 4-legged kids. We live in a beautiful home in a quiet peaceful, harmonious neighborhood with many birds, and other critters. I see this presence of connectedness when I am outside in the garden. I feel I am living my magical life. Does that mean I am through learning my spiritual lessons? No I am just allowing myself to recognize that as I move through my lessons I clear up that space so more joyful opportunities come in. Do I ever react and want to resist and retreat? C’mon, I am human, that is usually my first response. The same response when I was a kid-however, now I can recognize this as a sign that it is time to do more work and feel the fear but go ahead and receive the gift behind the lesson.  I meditate every day to keep My human self connected to my higher self or God-self. I receive so much guidance this way, I no longer have to consult my Oracle cards on a regular basis. Although I love looking at the beautiful images and read the meaningful words that inspire me. I only have to breathe in and relax. As I have gotten older, I feel more comfortable allowing my inner radiance to come out. In this photo, I am not wearing makeup and I didn’t fix my hair. Because whatever I am doing, however I show up, I am still me. And in this photo I an sending joy to you.  What makes your life Joyful? Take a minute or more and think of one thing that brings a smile to your face and warmth in your heart? The more you focus on these things, the more that the Universe sends to you. How do you think Same Sex Marriages became a reality? More people are seeing their pets as their 4-legged kids? People that are my age or older are still doing things they love-Paul McCartney is still “Twisting and Shouting” to millions of enthusiastic fans, Stan Lee is still bringing Spiderman, The Avengers to life; Louise Hay still shines through with her inspirational words.  Because We all focus on what brings us joy. What things do you want to focus on with Joy to bring forth more of the same?