Botticelli Woman Products

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There Is Peace

Here you will find my catalog of Music and video Projects. I am really proud of the work I am doing and blessedly improving as I allow my creative mind to open up to new levels of awareness, clarity and insight. The world is so amazing to observe. Everything you could ever imagine or think up is already here.


It has finally arrived!

My dream is finally realized!

For a limited time, you can order the CD for only $10 +free shipping!

This is a collection of 9 songs that promote love, understanding, compassion, respect and dignity for peaceful co-existence between all humans and animals on the planet. I have been a peaceful animal activist for over 20 years when I adopted a tabby cat named Oscar. Through him, he taught me how to open my heart, embrace every head rub, hug and snuggle he shared with me. When he died from FIV, it didn’t deter me from love, it gave me the courage to keep opening my heart for the other animals that entered my life. My intention is for you to feel Oscar’s presence in these words and songs as well as the other animals that come into your life however  long or brief this experience is. Remember we only have to quiet our minds, open our hearts and we can let their voices be heard.

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2 thoughts on “Botticelli Woman Products

  1. “Let Their Voice Be Heard” is a treasure full of song felt from the heart. Congratulations, Evelyn, on making this wonderful cd available. There is L-O-V-E in every song … and, I urge every reader to order a copy … feel the love … hear the song(s).

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