Evelyn Abston-A Modern Day Renaissance Woman’s Bio

Whether perfoming one of her original songs, interpreting a contemporary classic or speaking before a crowd, Evelyn Abston can always be counted on to express herself directy from her heart. She served as Music Director of Vallejo’s Science of Mind Center for two years and still steps in to support the music ministry from time to time. She has been a performer numerous times at the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living in Napa, California; The Center for Spiritual Living in Davis; The San Francisco Spiritual Enrichment Center and the San Francisco Center for Spiritual Living in San Francisco and Tahoe Center for Spiritual Living in Tahoe City, California. She has entertained audiences at a variety of venues including weddings, Minister ordinations, coffee houses and other public events. In addition to singing, writing and performing, Evelyn is a talented and skillful public speaker and has conducted weekly workshops on personal growth throughout the North Bay area. What ever the setting or occasion, she can be counted on to deliver a heartfelt message of love, joy and happiness.

Evelyn is busy rehearsing for her upcoming concert.

Evelyn has just recorded a CD titled, “Let Their Voice Be Heard“. This is a collection of songs designed to promote peace and understanding for all beings on the planet. Her first scheduled CD release concert and fundraiser, to benefit Loma Vista Farm. www.lomavistafarm.org, will be on Sunday, March 25th at the Vallejo Science of Mind Center in Vallejo California. For more information see the “Visions Alchemy Visionary Events” page.

Besides music, she also has a strong interest in videography. She is currently a member of VCAT, a community access tv station in Vallejo and is currently producing a show about the joys of being a pet parent. The show is titled,” The Paw Stops Here“.

What others are saying about Evelyn:

David Ault-Minister, Author, and Visionary Vocalist

“Evelyn embraces each song that she sings with such joy and enthusiasm. Because her artistry comes from a place of love, it is inspiring to experience her gift.”

Lee Wingfield-Music Director, Science of Mind Center, Vallejo, California

Evelyn Abston is a rare and delightful combination of musical and speaking talent allowing her to please cerebral audiences.  She is a song Writer, Vocalist, Guitarist, and speaker all roled up in one. As Helen Ready once vocalized-She is woman, hear her roar.”

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