May Events

May 13th Guest Singer at the Vallejo Spiritual Center

Morning Meditation 10:30am/Sunday Service 11am

223 Springs Road, Vallejo (Corner of Springs and Amador)

I will sing a very special song dedicated to all the pet parents or human mothers called “The Blessing” . There will also be  community luncheon afterwards. It is always very tasty. It is a little bit of heaven.

May 20th Guest Singer at the Mendocino Center for Spiritual Living, Ft. Bragg California

Morning Meditation 10:30am/Sunday Morning Celebration 11am/Sunday Youth Celebration 11am

Celebrations are held at the Mendocino Recreation Center, 998 School Street, Mendocino, CA 95460

I am very excited to be a guest singer at my center away from home. This is the center’s philosophy:

Our Center is a spiritual community, dedicated to teaching spiritual tools that empower each individual to live a life that reveals the full expression of Being. What that looks like is unique to each person. I am very grateful to be a part in this sacred uplifting service. If you are in the neighborhood, come on by!

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