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Visions Alchemy Creates Trixie Le Mioux

Visions Alchemy changed "Marilyn" in to Trixie Le Mioux

Visions Alchemy changed “Marilyn” in to Trixie Le Mioux

I love creating things. Changing the elements of one design into something new. I started painting with water colors when I was 43. I also went through a phase of working with Pastels, and colored pencils. But Watercolor painting with Watercolor pencils still is what I love working with. As an artist, I feel my art, my creative spirit is always evolving and changing. The reason I call my art Visions Alchemy is because I love to take greeting cards, old calendars, my own watercolor painting designs and recycle them and change them into something new. I seem to be moving more and more into 3D art. I admire what Paper engineers can do creating 3D designs by using a ruler, pens and scissors. I am creating more and more 3D art and seem to love making 3D cards that can be changed into a wall hanging. Recently, a friend gave me this really cute birthday card designed by English artist, David Parsons. His line of cards is called Kat-Stars. I loved the card so much that I wanted to turn the design into a wall hanging for my music studio. I guess you could also call my art – “reclycled art”. And if you saw my art studio, you would see many things that I have saved because I never know when I will need them.Trixie Le Mioux upclose1

The original birthday card

The original birthday card

I started the design by taking a photograph of the card and then resizing the design to fit an 8 x 10 cat food tray I decoupaged and turned it into a shadow box. The design was then redesigned to create the layers I was to use to make the new design. It is time consuming because I use Mod Podge on most of the layers of the sheets I use to make it more sturdy. I wasn’t really sure how I was going to finish the design, but I wanted to create a feeling of feminine energy and playfulness. I will show more of my designs in my next few posts. When I interviewed Bruce Hilvitz of Flatwurks, It was an artistic kick in the rear, it is time to re-focus on my art. And so it is!


Time to do a Give-a-way!

What would you put on the inside?

What would you put on the inside?

Hello wonderful spiritual lights of the world! I am getting back to my art and focusing on 3D greeting cards. I hired my brother Gabriel to do the copywriting for my listings on Etsy and my own website, www.visions-Alchemy.com To get the energy moving and circulating I am giving away my first 3D greeting card design titled “Joyful Thoughts”. To win this card this is all you have to do:

Send me a short caption on what you think should go inside the card. I will be accepting entries until January 30th, 2013. Send your caption to visionsalchemy@gmail.com

The Realization of life

I can create possibilities into Realities.

I took this title from a song I wrote. The name of the song is “The Realization-this song will be be going on my next CD. This is the 3rd step of what we “New Thinkers” call Affirmative Prayer. Actually I believe it is technically called “Recognition”. This is the step you are declaring that what you want in your mind is already here. When you name it and claim it-it is yours. I was telling a friend the other day that I feel as If I walked through the door of good fortune and many, many things are coming into my life. I have a wonderful job making a good income and working in a wonderful location-my home. In this job I utilize all my talents in fulfilling ways. I work for people who I respect who respect me. This is a dream job. I am also pursuing my interests as a singer, painter, writer, animal activist, photographer and videographer and getting paid. I have a loving marriage with a man who is fun to be with-has a good outlook in the world; he loves and respects animals as much as I do. He still knows how to make me laugh and can make me feel shy as if we were first dating (although we have been together almost 13 years. We have a close-knit multi-species family. Besides humans, cats and rabbits living in our house we have many plant babies. As I have gotten more tuned in, my plant babies will call me when it is time to water them.

I am not writing this with an intention to brag but to declare that when we realize that all good things deserve to come to us, that is what we receive. In Science of Mind, Reality means, your personal truth. So if I believe I can make money doing things that I love-I do. If I believe I deserve to be loved by a loving, sweet, sexy man with a generous heart, then he shows up (he did 34 years in high school and then reappeared in December 1999-I married him in 2001). If I can believe I can meet interesting people for my TV show, I do. If I believe that when ever I have a challenge I will be led to a solution-it comes in at the perfect time.  This Reality is not only for the “chosen few” it is for anyone who is willing to go out of their comfort zone and open up to the possibility that you truly can create a life you enjoy. This consciousness came in for me in little bits and pieces at first, then as I got comfortable recieving, more and more things came in a consistent flow. Yes I have so much to be grateful for, I Realize this, accept this and claim it. And so it is!

Botticelli Woman Art is getting ready to launch store

Botticelli Woman ArtI used a Scrapbook page for this design. I like the feminine color of Pink.

Yes, I am taking the plunge and putting up my newest art work for sale. I started focusing my art on creating 3D images from printing images from

my computer, watercolor art and incorparating fabric pieces too. It will manifest in the forms of greeting hards, wall hangings, book marks etc. I will also be creating more hand painting designs. I am having a great creative burst and taking advantage of this.

I will probably set the price for these 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 for $5 to $10, I will be opening an Etsy shop soon. and there is a store in Benicia where I have been selling my greeting cards. What price would you comfortably pay for this work?

I like the feminine look to this one.

This is actually mounted on a removeable square. I just forgot to remove the thum tack first:)

Thinking outside the box in a different way

I hear this phrase , “think outside the box” all the time. So I started thinking, instead of thinking outside the box, why not go inside the box and re-shape it into a shape you like? who says the box is made out of a rigid substance? maybe the box is make of pipe cleaners or clay? It is like being a visionary alchemist. We use things that may not fit in our life and visualize them into something else. Just a thought…

Amy is a happy girl who loves to dress up.

Today I finished my art project for the Humane Society of the North Bay’s Denim and Diamonds Barkitecture fundraiser. What is this. I will go into details in a moment.  The project I created is an 3D  8 X 10 wall hanging . A cat  I named Amy. Amy is wearing a jacket and skirt made of denim to go with the theme. The photo I have included doesn’t really show the 3 dimensions, but it is still cute. My designs will tell me what to name them. Amy was made with watercolor paper,  gold fabric paint, clear rhinestones, 3d scrapbook roses and a touch of decoupage sealant. The frame I got from a thrift store. It was a little weathered, but the frame was well built. I took two coats of Indian Blue acrylic paint and two coats blue glitter paint. I never worked with fabric before or made a jacket or skirt, but for the first time, I am very pleased with her. I really want her to go to a good home.

What is the Barkitecture fundraiser for the Humane Society of the North Bay? It is an annual event in which organizations and individuals build dog houses and cat domicile’s and then they are auctioned off. They also have a silent auction (that is where Amy will be) and people write down their bids. They also have fabulous food and drink.  This is one of the Humane Society’s well attended and successful events, the dream child of the HSNB Director, Peter Wilson. I have known Peter for quite a while. We both met when we worked at Pet Food Express.  If you are in the Vallejo area, please plan on attending. Like I said it is really a lot of fun and a very good cause. For more information go to www.barkitecture.net

Life Creating Life

The art I am focusing on are paper sculptures, I am naming them “Life Pieces”. I call them Life Pieces because I acitvate the crystals and stones to generate the qualities into the art. Right now I have created the symbols of Joy, Empowerment, Wisdom, Protection and Pet Guardian (to watch over your 4-legged kids). Because I work with many animal allies, you not only see the faces of humans but also cat, dog and rabbit faces. I am still learning how to draw canine faces so I use a a photo of a beloved canine, named Loki who made his transition a couple of years ago. When he was in body, I saw him as a power healer and peace maker. Loki’s mom is Bobbi Durston, a very wonderful Animal behaviorist/trainer who works as the training coordinator at the Humane Society of the North Bay.

It can take 3 days to make one piece. It is a process of maintaining patience and grace.  I start by drawing the base. I use watercolor pencils to make the base image:

This is the bottom layer of the Joy Life Piece

The reason it has a glossy appearance is because I apply a coat of a decoupage sealant.  It makes it  easier to use the shape the sun rays with my tools. The face you see is not the top layer. I will photograph the face and then resize it and then print out the design using my inkjet printer.  Down below you can see the layers I use. I don’t use all the pieces, but sometimes I make a mistake in how I cut out the pieces, If I have any left over I can use it for another project.

These are the layers I use to build up the definition of the face. I use adhesive foam squares to put them all together.

Thank you Sony Cybershot, Printmaster Gold and Canon Pixma IP4820 for making my life easier.

After I’ve printed all the pieces then I apply a coat of Decoupage sealant to all the pieces. It takes an hour to dry. This is definitely not an art form if you want instant gratification, but being that I am a multi-tasking person by nature, there are always other things I am working. At the moment I am working on 3 video projects-including producing a new show on the Science of Mind teachings.

Here is an example of the layers used. This is a painted by using my watercolor pencils.

This section is being sealed with a Mod Podge. When they are all dry, then the fun starts. I take my shaping tools and pads and change them in to more of a 3D look. when the layers are put together, I affix them to a background, usually it is painted in acrylics and Mod Podge to give the the Life Piece a more accentuated look. I also use fabric paint to make simulated beads and glitter paint.

After it is put together, I then add the stones. The stones I am using right now to make the “Joy” Life Pieces are Selenite-this stone generates feelings of love and compassion. When it is held, you can feel a gentle stream of energy helping you to relax, giving you feeling of well being; Beryl-this stones helps you to release emotional baggage and point you in the right direction on how to do that; Black Tourmaline-this stone dispels and repels negative energy; Larkivite-this stone accentuates the knowlege to find answers of a spiritual nature or if you are in school. Sometimes I use Kyanite-this is a stone that is a nurturing tranquil stone. When you hold the Kyanite and Black Tourmaline in your non-dominant hand and the Selenite, it is like taking a natural valium.

Closer angleFinished Joy Life Piece

When the piece is finished. I go into my mediation room and do the activation meditation. This is where I invite Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to activate the qualities of the stones in the art piece. I imagine the person it is going to, to connect with the qualities of the stones too. It is a wonderful feeling for me because I receive the blessings from the angels too. Once it is activated, it becomes a living energy of joy, love and compassion.

I love doing this art. I am doing my spiritual work and feel honored that I can be of service in this way. If you are interested in inviting one of my Life Pieces in to your home, you can email me at:

You can also contact me at: (707) 361-6854
Remember all you have to do is change your vision to change your life.