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Ready for a new Multi-Media Ebook series starring an inter-species family?

Fiona and me. I believe that our cat, cleo who passed a day before told her Mother that she needed to live with us. This is a story I will share in the book.

Fiona and me. I believe that our cat, cleo who passed a day before told Fiona’s Mother that she needed to live with us. This is a story I will share in the book.

I love the ease of creating a new ebook and putting it  on the web. It can take very little mazoola to produce it. If I want to make hard copies of my book that can be a reality. Recently I had a reading with a good friend, Tana Newberry,  at Angel Heart 4 You, in Bencia, CA who talks with Angels. And we are conversing with the Angels about the music project I am currently working on to raise funds and awareness for the Bat World Sanctuary.  Things seem to be on track. The angels say everything is in place. My feedback is to keep meditating and ask for guidance If I start feeling fearful or overwhelmed. Then my friend, Tana (Newberry) asked me if I had thought about writing a book. I had been toying over that idea because we have so many great experiences living with our 4-legged kids, I have been wanting to share more stories about our family. We really have a unique family tree. Two humans, 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 7 house plants and various crystals and stones and we all co-habitate under one roof. Do I communicate with every-one in the house-Yes! We may be in different body types, but we seem to communicate to the degree we are able. Now I am not a botanist, but when It comes to my plants, I can feel their energy when they want water or healing energy. And when I am connected to them, I can feel a energy that I interpret as pure joy. I have a special Elestial crystal I named Angelica. She feels like a youngster and when I hold her I can sense a giggling kind of energy. She loves being with the plants on the mantel. Sometimes I will hold her and rock her. I can feel a presence in her. I read that Elestials are very good in healing childhood trauma. We also have a nice size Rose Quartz and crystal Quartz that I use in my healing circles. I use a lot of selenite for keeping the energy in the house balanced and peaceful. I meditate everyday and 2 to 3 times a week I do a major Angel Therapy meditation that clears and balances the house, our family and friends. Why do I want to write a book about our family? Because I want other people to know that families that have human and non-human kids have struggles, challenges, loss when a family member dies, but there are also so much joy, love, compassion, happy surprises that we encounter on a daily basis. I have been taking more photos of the 4-legged kids and shooting more video that will go in the book. I want other people to see how much joy a rabbit can feel when they are doing their daily thing of interacting with their family. Or a cat that developed his own hand signals to communicate with me. I also want to share the experiences when we had to say goodbye to some of our kids when they crossed “The Rainbow Bridge”. It was sad, but so many blessings came out of this too. One thing I can share now is that they communicated with our family after they left their bodies to let us know they are ok. So I am excited on this new project. I am still working on a title. But I am leaning towards “Our Family Tree”.


Celebrity Sighting (who is Also a Good Friend of Mine and Yours Too)

I love the magazines who have a section of celebrity sightings. Oh boy you met Brad Pitt, is he as cute as Angelique thinks he is? You saw Chris Isaak at Ocean Beach in San Francisco? What you were standing next to Bruce Springsteen? It is really cool to meet these extraordinary people. I met John Dye the actor who played Andrew the Angel of Death in Touched by an Angel. He had a sparkly personality and fun to talk to. I met Tony La Russa when I was working at Pet Food Express in Pleasant Hill. He is a very stoic person who liked to keep to himself. But if you asked him about his animal family he would immediately light up. But one of the well-known personalities I have gotten introduced to 2 years ago is Archangel Michael and the other Archangels. I was introduced  by a dear friend, Tana Newberry. Tana  is a very talented film maker, but also known as the “Angel Girl” at anyone who goes to Angel Heart 4 You in Benicia. She was giving a workshop on how to get connected with Archangel Michael. She took us through some exercises to increase our awareness of him. In the first meditation, it was a guided meditation to meet him. It was interesting how everyone in the group saw him differently. Some of us saw him as a very handsome, radiant male with long blonde flowing hair with his Sword. But how he appeared to me was an angel in a long white robe wearing a fake nose and glasses with a Groucho Marx mustache holding a cigar. I asked him why he is appearing to me like this and he said “you are the one who wanted me to look like this. I will appear to each individual in a way that is comfortable.” Yes, he was in the perfect persona for me. I learn better if there is a humorous aspect. He told me that when ever I needed help from him just ask. Now that I am aware of him. When I am in a space where I feel uncomfortable with certain situations or people, I call him in and I instantly feel calm and safe. I was told by Tana that he is also an angel to call if you are having trouble with your computer or anything electronic. I always feel him around me. As I am writing this. I feel his hands on my shoulder. and a warmth down my back. He is gently supporting me. He is like a big brother to me.  So back to the photo. There was a lady in Angel Heart taking Aura Photos. Before the photo was taken I asked my Angel crew to take a photo with me.  This is the photo that was taken

Angel Crew

When I took this photo today so I could show this to you, you can see Michael holding his sword. You may be able to see there is  spark coming out of my right eye and a presence on my heart chakra. but  I also saw some things that didn’t show up originally. if you look at the upper right hand side you can see an outline of an angel wing or a bat wing. I just got introduced to the Bat kingdom from a photo on Facebook. It was a photo of a bat holding on to a teddy bear. It was So cute. I got such a sense of love and innocence from looking at her photo.  Bats are very misunderstood and I am now being called to share the lives of bats. It is all because of the photo of Lizzie who I believe is an interspecies ambassador. My next project will be on bats. So if you want to be friends with Archangel, just call on him, he’ll be there.

The Psaltery is heavenly

Photo by Donna Malus

I have recently started playing an instrument called the Bowed Psaltery. According to the book, “The Psimple Psaltery Instruction Book”, By Melodye Whatley and Ingrid Skinner, it has been around since the 1940’s, when Walter Mittman, a German school teacher wanted to create a bowed instrument that was simpler for children to play. He created the Soprano Bowed Psaltery. The instrument came into my life when I was meditating and asking my guides to help me to find a sound that would be very healing and beautiful. I first found the Lap Harp. It is an instrument that is stringed and you pluck it. It has a very angelic tone. When I went on YouTube to find out if there were any videos explaining how to play it. I happened to see another instrument that was sold by Zither Heaven. It was triangular in shape and when it was played by gliding the bow over the strings, the sound I heard was like an ethereal violin. It as called the Bowed Psaltery. I knew that was the instrument I was looking for. I bought a 22 string Soprano Psaltery from Zither Heaven. It took a couple of weeks to get comfortable with the bowing. Playing simple scales is very soothing. I feel my Chakras being balanced. It sounds wonderful with the Hammered Dulcimer, the Classical Guitar, the Harp or using two bows and creating your own harmony (that is what I am working right now.) I stared playing along with recordings and it compliments every thing-from playing Folk songs as well as Classical Music.

My guides have said that with this instrument I can compose music that can heal and balance all the meridians in the body. So now I am starting to meditate on this and allow the inspiration to flow through my intuitive channel.  I have also been wanting to start playing in a group. When I was talking to one of my neighbors I found out that she wants to start playing an instrument. I showed her my Psaltery and she wants to start playing it. I decided to move up to a Baritone Psaltery and my neighbor is getting my Soprano. If you want to read a great article about the bowed Psaltery, go to: http://www.remindernews.com/article/2011/05/17/musicians-coax-haunting-music-from-uncommon-instrument

Today I went to my favorite Angel store in Benicia, Angel Heart 4 You. There happened to be a reader who takes photos of the Aura and then she gives you a reading. Coleen said I have many new chapters in my life opening up. She shared some wellness information and how to continue the good health and I hadn’t told Coleen anything. It showed up in my photograph. She says there is a lot of Faery energy around me and that the humming birds that have been visiting me are part of the Faery beings wanting to connect with me. Coleen suggested that I create a Faery garden. I know the perfect place in my yard. We have lived in our house for over 11 years and this spot looks over the side kitchen window. I have always drawn to it Just today, before the reading, I was telling my husband that I want to do something with it but not sure what? After the reading Coleen gave me, I know. I am sure the Faery beings will guide me to what plants to use and what stones they would like.

The other gift I received was Coleen. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she has a Zither. I asked her if she would like to get together and start playing. She said yes. So now there are two people who want to share music. I am feeling so blessed for these opportunities. I am being drawn to go to Senior centers and retirement homes and play. I believe many magical things will appear. The Fairies will be there. They will love it. Isn’t it amazing that magic is always around us and being open to the pathways, they just appear.

There are many blessings that continue to flow in. I am very grateful.