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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Blessings

Pants loves to cuddle as all bats do.

Pants loves to cuddle as all bats do.

I got this photo from a Facebook Post. It was from the website that is dedicated to the protection of all bats-Campbell Newman’s Bat Shame. This cute bat’s name is Pants or Pantaloon. Isn’t she sweet? She loves to cuddle up against something soft and cuddly. I see so much innocence and trust. The more I read about bats, I get a feel that they are very trusting beings.  And why not? There is more awareness on treating other beings with respect. This is my focus as an animal activist and Joy Guide. Remember what I choose to focus on is what I attract into my life. As my vision grows and expands, other see it too. Things are changing all the time, even if appearances may show something else. Take this photo as a symbol that there is beauty, love, compassion and understanding every where in the world. What a lesson for us all.

Woman Buddah


What is Your Spiritual Calling?

Found this cute photo of Pants. She looks like she is smiling.

Found this cute photo of Pants. She looks like she is smiling.

When you walk through the door of a new consciousness, a new awareness it is magic. However, this is a natural phenomena. We just may not know it. I meditate everyday a 40 minute session and them 5 minute meditation tune ups through out the day. I am open to all possibilities. This is a blessing because I never know where I will receive a new message on starting a new project, a new way of looking at a situation in a different way. Maybe the message will come from a phone conversation when I am talking to my brother (which is what happened the other day). Maybe Oski (my 11 year old Bombay mix) will send me a thought that helps me to understand what a certain behavior means; Maybe I will get a vision on a new art project or a new video/song project. Maybe it will be a new calling. Mediation helps me to clear out mental chatter so I will be ready to accept a new opportunity for doing my spiritual work as a Joy Guide. Be patient I am going with something here.

Recently, while I was on my Facebook page, a friend who is a fellow artist and renaissance woman, Angelique Stacy, sent me a photo of a bat holding a teddy bear. So cute. I look in the eyes and I see a consciousness. Very intriguing. I didn’t know a lot about bats, but in the Medicine Cards by Jaime Sands, Bat is the medicine of death/rebirth. I “liked” the photo, then I started receiving more photos of bats. I started seeing how sweet they can be, what a playful nature they have. Then I started finding out more and found out that they destroy the bugs that can destroy crops. other short factoids: Bats are not blind, they do not suck your blood, and their wings are actually their hands! Amazing, right?

In fact, bats are so misunderstood. I realized I was receiving a calling to help raise awareness about the way we may feel about them. I happened to join the Bat World Sanctuary and got a really sweet note from the founder, Amanda Lollar. I was so touched she went out of my way to send me a personal thank you that I shared with her an idea of recording a single and distributing on ITunes, Amazon, CD Baby and 75% of sales going back to the organization. Amanda emailed me back and agreed that it was a wonderful idea. So now I am starting on this recording project.

Besides getting the licensing rights to cover the song “Ordinary Miracle” I am also going to create a video to go with it. All these things fell in to place within a short amount of time. This is how it works, if you ask God to “use me”. Events occur very fast. So stay tuned. This is a wonderful work in progress and will be interesting to see how it evolves.

I’M Batty for Bats!

Yes, I am declaring I love these mammals. They are smart, sweet, affectionate and very expressive. They have many different vocalizations. And guess what many of the things that bats do have helped develop medications to our species. NO, they will not suck your blood dry. Amanda Lollar founder of the Bat World Sanctuary says “That is only in the movies”. I first learned about bats when my friend and fellow artist, Angelique Stacy shared a post about bats on Facebook. There was a photo of a bat named Pants cuddling with a Teddy Bear. Then I saw another photo of a bat named Lizzie and she had an expression that said she loves and knows how to have fun. That was it. I started thinking of words to write a song inspired by Lizzie titled “If Lizzie could talk what would she say”. The melody came really fast and I knew that the Universe was saying it’s time to get back to work. I don’t consider this a job, I consider this a joy! I made a donation to Bat Worlds Sanctuary and received a very nice email from Amanda. So I emailed Amanda back and told her my idea about writing a song and donating 75% of the sales back to the Bat World Sanctuary. Amanda emailed me back and said “Hi Evie, This sounds wonderful! Your music is really beautiful:)….Thank you so much!” So in the next few months, I will be writing and keeping you all posted of the evolution of this project. I wanted to leave you with a link to a video of Amanda being interviewed by David Letterman:


Amanda dispels myths about Bats with David Letterman

Amanda dispels myths about Bats with David Letterman

Life is what happens when you are making other “Concert” plans

I borrowed this phrase from my hero and spiritual muse, John Lennon. He was a Visionary peace activist. When He and Yoko did the bed-in for peace, my take on it was that they were saying when you focus on peace and advocate on a non-violent level, those are the results you get. It is how the Law of Attraction works. When you focus on what you want to happen, your thoughts turn in to vibrations that the Universe matches and those are the results you get.

I know I have digressed. I am really here to talk about my upcoming concert to promote my new CD, “Let Their Voice Be Heard”. I have the concert line up. A reporter, Rich Freedman, is going to do an article in our local paper. I have sent out all the Evites, I designed the posters. There have been some changes with our guest singers, but this is life, it changes all the time. someone once  said, “Change is great, routine is lethal”. So when circumstances came up and two of the original singers had to bow out gracefully. We made some changes.

Our new line up of singers are (besides myself) are Lee Wingfield, Alex Richardson and Ed Rosenback. They all share the passion of bringing better understanding between all beings on the planet.  I feel so blessed and grateful for sharing the stage with these talented, people. When we work together, it is all play. There is an infectious enthusiasm that creates wonderful nuances to the arrangements I created and turned them into something even more magical and poignant.

Lee Wingfield,(L), Alex Richardson, and Ed Rosenback

I am even more confident that what is being created is part of the shift that is occuring to  all beings on the planet.  Animals are being more open to many new behaviors that we didn’t see before. They are now feeling safe to let their true personalities come out. They know that there are humans who really want to listen to what they have to say. This concert project is a small part in the cosmic grid we are all on. I have this inner feeling that all who attend the concert will be filled with the spirit of love, compassion and embody the feelings that animals want to share with us. They will feel it as they listen to the story these songs. They will experience the spirit of the animals who will be here to fill the void with these new insights. And everyone who attends will be sending these out to other beings on the planet. This is the path of the peaceful warrior, our shield is our words and our swords or arrows are our words. If you are not able to attend this event, please hold a space of love and peace at 1:30 to 3:00PM, PST to move the message of our concert.  You are needed to keep the new movement going. Remember we are all connected to each other.

Ain’t Love Grand?

This is the front of the Valentine's day Card I gave to my Honey, David

Yes, “ain’t” is a word in the dictionary. Today is Valentine’s Day. A day to celebrate love, proclaim love from the deepest parts of your soul to your special someone (or someone’s if you are are in a plural Marriage like the show that was on TLC, “First Wives”). It sure takes a lot of self-esteem not to get jealous of your husband showing love to your other sister wives, I could never do it, but I admire people who share a common foundation that works for them. As long as it is in agreement between all parties, and it doesn’t hurt anyone, why not? I watched the series on NetFlix and was taken with the deep love and respect they have for each other and their kids. And guess what, you have other people to help with the housework and child raising, and if you are not in the mood, you can ask your sister wife to “take the bullet for you”, so to speak.

But I digress. I am so grateful for the love that my husband, David and I share. We  say “I love you” everday. We do special things for each other, make coffee for each other or fix meals for each other, take over the household chores if one is swamped with work. Because we are both artists besides the work we do for the company we work at, Divineware, David is the webmaster at the Humane Society of the North Bay, that is an ongoing project. He gets to do his cartoon art on the website. He is in the midst of promoting their annual fundraiser, Barkitecture, that is another full time job.

I have my art work. I am producing my “Let Their Voice Be Heard” concert fundraising project to go to places in the country promoting the

This is Fiona showing you what Dad and the Four-legged kids got for me. The kids gave me the "Hello Kitty" Chocolates. Fiona says she resembles "Hello Kitty".

message of peace, respect, love and dignity between animals and humans (as well as other beings on the planet). I am writing more songs. I started working with a guide,a well-known singer/songwriter who passed on, that is helping me fine tunng my piano playing skills.

I just agreed to serve on the Board of Trustees for the church I belong to the Vallejo Center for Spiritual Living. I am also the Chair of the Public Relations committee (I am still in the process of bringing in the committee). So between all our activites. We are constantly taking care of a project. And then besides our work we also have 5 active four-legged kids. So constant cleaning to the cages, litter boxes (our rabbits have their own litter boxes). We don’t free feed our cats or rabbits, and our bunnies get fresh organic veggies from the garden or the store.

But that is some of the things that keeps our 11 year marriage growing strong. I was talking to a lady from our church recently, Linda Moore-Watts and asked her what makes her 24 year marriage work? One of the first things Linda said was “patience” the second thing she said is “listening”. She also mentioned that it is important to have your own interestes besides things you do together.

When I have posed this question to people, who I can tell still have that spark for each other, I hear similar responses. One of my favorite phrases is “don’t take anything personally“. The times that David and I argue, we may say some pretty intense things, out of anger, but I know that in spite of these verbal barbs thrown at me, he loves me. He has since were sophomores in high school and this fact, reminds me when I want to storm out of the house and say “That’s it!”

I want to leave you with a valentine email we got from our boss:

“Its a special day to us because it was  vday 11 years ago that I proposed the idea of starting the company to Virginia  so that I could spend each and every day with her.” 

What a wonderful declaration of love. And one of the big tests they have passed of how well they not only love each other, but like being with each other is that they leave their home in the Sabastopol area and travel in their RV and stay in  San Diego with their two cats. Now that is togetherness!

Let’s help their voice be heard

Together we can let their voices be heard!

Yes, I am calling all rescue groups to be a part of my concert series. You can talk about your organization, the good work that you do and how we can help our organization. You will receive %40 of the proceeds to generate financial funds to support your Mission Statement.

One of my visions for my CD is to go out into the community all over the country and promote the message of love, dignity and respect for all animals on the planet. I heard the many heartbreaking stories of how animals are misunderstood. That if only the pet parents had stopped to observe their animals body language or taken their pet to a trainer, that many animals would have been able to stay with their people and not ended up in a shelter. Or if people who adopted a certain breed because they liked the way they looked, but didn’t have a clue about the personality traits of the dog, cat or rabbit. Then they decided that they had no time for training, the time and expense of proper grooming, or wellness checks at the vet. They gave up on their pet and took it to a shelter or worse yet, let it run in the wild, thinking that their natural instincts would get them through it.  When I was working for a pet food store in the bay area, I had a customer who got a labrador from a breeder, but she didn’t have time to train the dog, the dog got destructive, so she took it to a shelter. She came into the store to buy things for her new puppy, hoping this time it would work!

I saw many of these dogs and cats that ended up  at the Humane Society of the North Bay . I  worked with Bobbi Durston helping dogs to get over their fear of humans. I observed the body language of perceived aggressive cats and knew that they needed a more gentle voice or patience for them to let them know I was an ok human. That is why I was so grateful to have the opportunity to work with the cats using the Open Paw Program. We saw cats who were normally afraid of a male presence allow a young man to pick her up and take her back to her kennel.

This is why this CD project is so very important to me. I truly believe if we want to bring out awareness and raise the level of understanding and compassion that all humans have. We must be the change. and part of that change is allowing us to focus on the experiences we want to see in the world. We can raise the consciousness of how animals are treated if we focus on the positive results we want to create.

If you want to participate in this wonderful journey to let all animal voices and your organization be heard. Please go to my Contact Visions Alchemy page and let’s make this happen.