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Celebrity Sighting (who is Also a Good Friend of Mine and Yours Too)

I love the magazines who have a section of celebrity sightings. Oh boy you met Brad Pitt, is he as cute as Angelique thinks he is? You saw Chris Isaak at Ocean Beach in San Francisco? What you were standing next to Bruce Springsteen? It is really cool to meet these extraordinary people. I met John Dye the actor who played Andrew the Angel of Death in Touched by an Angel. He had a sparkly personality and fun to talk to. I met Tony La Russa when I was working at Pet Food Express in Pleasant Hill. He is a very stoic person who liked to keep to himself. But if you asked him about his animal family he would immediately light up. But one of the well-known personalities I have gotten introduced to 2 years ago is Archangel Michael and the other Archangels. I was introduced  by a dear friend, Tana Newberry. Tana  is a very talented film maker, but also known as the “Angel Girl” at anyone who goes to Angel Heart 4 You in Benicia. She was giving a workshop on how to get connected with Archangel Michael. She took us through some exercises to increase our awareness of him. In the first meditation, it was a guided meditation to meet him. It was interesting how everyone in the group saw him differently. Some of us saw him as a very handsome, radiant male with long blonde flowing hair with his Sword. But how he appeared to me was an angel in a long white robe wearing a fake nose and glasses with a Groucho Marx mustache holding a cigar. I asked him why he is appearing to me like this and he said “you are the one who wanted me to look like this. I will appear to each individual in a way that is comfortable.” Yes, he was in the perfect persona for me. I learn better if there is a humorous aspect. He told me that when ever I needed help from him just ask. Now that I am aware of him. When I am in a space where I feel uncomfortable with certain situations or people, I call him in and I instantly feel calm and safe. I was told by Tana that he is also an angel to call if you are having trouble with your computer or anything electronic. I always feel him around me. As I am writing this. I feel his hands on my shoulder. and a warmth down my back. He is gently supporting me. He is like a big brother to me.  So back to the photo. There was a lady in Angel Heart taking Aura Photos. Before the photo was taken I asked my Angel crew to take a photo with me.  This is the photo that was taken

Angel Crew

When I took this photo today so I could show this to you, you can see Michael holding his sword. You may be able to see there is  spark coming out of my right eye and a presence on my heart chakra. but  I also saw some things that didn’t show up originally. if you look at the upper right hand side you can see an outline of an angel wing or a bat wing. I just got introduced to the Bat kingdom from a photo on Facebook. It was a photo of a bat holding on to a teddy bear. It was So cute. I got such a sense of love and innocence from looking at her photo.  Bats are very misunderstood and I am now being called to share the lives of bats. It is all because of the photo of Lizzie who I believe is an interspecies ambassador. My next project will be on bats. So if you want to be friends with Archangel, just call on him, he’ll be there.


I’m Ready for Everything!

Who knows what is going to show Up?

Who knows what is going to show Up?

Does that cover about anything that can turn up? I think yes! I really am looking forward to 2013! it is a Six year. A year of Family togetherness, high creativity vibe. Time to redecorate my home. I have a few projects I am working on. I plan on teaching a Psaltery class in the late spring; I just got an electric violin for Christmas so I am learning how to play it. It is a really cool design. It sounds wonderful when I connect it to my Ipad and use the Amptitude ap with my earphones. It is a lot easier to play than the acoustic violin I struggled with in Junior high and high school. I found a Unicorn Strings Psaltery on Ebay for a really good price. My house will be filled with music. Speaking of Music. I am working on a classical style piece to be played on the guitar and Psaltery. I will have my brother, Gabe play the Guitar and and I will probably Play Rose, my Baritone Psaltery.  With the new shift that occurred on December 21st 2012, I know there are exciting and amazing surprises coming in. I can visualize a lot of things over flowing with Joy. I will definitely keep you all posted when these things show up. My guides are ready to assist me. I happened to find an aura photo taken of me 2 years ago. I was just starting to consciously work with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Raguel. Before the photo was taken I asked my “Angel crew” to take the photo with me. When the photo developed there was Michael standing on my right side holding his sword. You can see it very clearly. It is an amazing photo. I have to find a way to make a copy of this photo and post it. So yes, hold on to your hats, it is going to be the best Disneyland ride you have ever been on!

Life Creating Life

The art I am focusing on are paper sculptures, I am naming them “Life Pieces”. I call them Life Pieces because I acitvate the crystals and stones to generate the qualities into the art. Right now I have created the symbols of Joy, Empowerment, Wisdom, Protection and Pet Guardian (to watch over your 4-legged kids). Because I work with many animal allies, you not only see the faces of humans but also cat, dog and rabbit faces. I am still learning how to draw canine faces so I use a a photo of a beloved canine, named Loki who made his transition a couple of years ago. When he was in body, I saw him as a power healer and peace maker. Loki’s mom is Bobbi Durston, a very wonderful Animal behaviorist/trainer who works as the training coordinator at the Humane Society of the North Bay.

It can take 3 days to make one piece. It is a process of maintaining patience and grace.  I start by drawing the base. I use watercolor pencils to make the base image:

This is the bottom layer of the Joy Life Piece

The reason it has a glossy appearance is because I apply a coat of a decoupage sealant.  It makes it  easier to use the shape the sun rays with my tools. The face you see is not the top layer. I will photograph the face and then resize it and then print out the design using my inkjet printer.  Down below you can see the layers I use. I don’t use all the pieces, but sometimes I make a mistake in how I cut out the pieces, If I have any left over I can use it for another project.

These are the layers I use to build up the definition of the face. I use adhesive foam squares to put them all together.

Thank you Sony Cybershot, Printmaster Gold and Canon Pixma IP4820 for making my life easier.

After I’ve printed all the pieces then I apply a coat of Decoupage sealant to all the pieces. It takes an hour to dry. This is definitely not an art form if you want instant gratification, but being that I am a multi-tasking person by nature, there are always other things I am working. At the moment I am working on 3 video projects-including producing a new show on the Science of Mind teachings.

Here is an example of the layers used. This is a painted by using my watercolor pencils.

This section is being sealed with a Mod Podge. When they are all dry, then the fun starts. I take my shaping tools and pads and change them in to more of a 3D look. when the layers are put together, I affix them to a background, usually it is painted in acrylics and Mod Podge to give the the Life Piece a more accentuated look. I also use fabric paint to make simulated beads and glitter paint.

After it is put together, I then add the stones. The stones I am using right now to make the “Joy” Life Pieces are Selenite-this stone generates feelings of love and compassion. When it is held, you can feel a gentle stream of energy helping you to relax, giving you feeling of well being; Beryl-this stones helps you to release emotional baggage and point you in the right direction on how to do that; Black Tourmaline-this stone dispels and repels negative energy; Larkivite-this stone accentuates the knowlege to find answers of a spiritual nature or if you are in school. Sometimes I use Kyanite-this is a stone that is a nurturing tranquil stone. When you hold the Kyanite and Black Tourmaline in your non-dominant hand and the Selenite, it is like taking a natural valium.

Closer angleFinished Joy Life Piece

When the piece is finished. I go into my mediation room and do the activation meditation. This is where I invite Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to activate the qualities of the stones in the art piece. I imagine the person it is going to, to connect with the qualities of the stones too. It is a wonderful feeling for me because I receive the blessings from the angels too. Once it is activated, it becomes a living energy of joy, love and compassion.

I love doing this art. I am doing my spiritual work and feel honored that I can be of service in this way. If you are interested in inviting one of my Life Pieces in to your home, you can email me at:

You can also contact me at: (707) 361-6854
Remember all you have to do is change your vision to change your life.