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Are You Ready For A Change?

Woman BuddahIt is human nature to dream of having Abundance, Prosperity, Joy, Peace. But when we ask ourselves “Am I ready to bring in my success, my happiness, my abundance, do I feel calm about this or dread”? If I got what I wanted would this really make me feel Joyful? Is it really the new car, the new relationship, the dream job, losing those 20 lbs that will tell me my life is complete? There is a saying that goes “Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it”. Why does that bring up the feelings of fear for some? Is it because we may have to move out of our comfort zone to bring these things in to our lives? What will we have to do to get them? Will we have to ask our boss for a raise, will we have to take on another part time job? I myself used to work myself up into a frenzie, having these thoughts feeling like bullets ricocheting inside of my brain. I could actually feel the energy making my head tingle and sometimes I would feel vertigo. Yes, the urge for movement was tempting, but my fear of change kept me frozen.

I can joyously say that the above paragraph has shifted for me because I am willing to release my fear, my anger, my uncertainty when I am ready and the Universe is ok with that. Over the years and continuing today I have tools that assist me for my new epiphanies when I am open. Part of the resistance was not that it would happen, but what would I do when it did? Change is hard for many of us but as a wise person once said once your life stops changing, your life stops.  I wanted to share with one tool that helps me everyday. Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) is an amazing tool. Tapping is another term used for this process. It can help me when I feel tense, when there is a life lesson ready to shift. Here is an excerpt From Nick Ortner’s new book The Tapping Solution:

Tapping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to address both the emotional and physical problems that tend to hamper our lives. Using the energy meridians of the body, practitioners tap on specific points while focusing on particular negative emotions or physical sensations. The tapping helps calm the nervous system to restore the balance of energy in the body, and in turn rewire the brain to respond in healthy ways. This kind of conditioning can help rid practitioners of everything from chronic pain to phobias to addictions. Because of tapping’s proven success in healing such a variety of problems, Ortner recommends to try it on any challenging issue.

I do use Tapping on a daily basis. It is gentle and feels good after I finish. I can feel the energy dispersing and changing like getting an emotional shower washing away the messages my body no longer needs to hold on to. Because I am open to changes, I have been receiving many opportunities for this. Now I can start to release any resistance because I know the benefits of these changes.

One change I am working on now is focusing on my career as a professional Joy Guide. I guess other people would call what I do a life coach. But I like to add that for many of us when we forget how to feel joyful, we can lose our optimism, forget to laugh and take our  life so seriously. Part of being a Joy Guide is being a good listener for my clients So I can hear what is some of the thoughts streaming in their mind that is keeping them from connecting that joy that isn’t gone, but laying dormant. Feeling Joy keeps us releasing these wonderful endorphins. When we are in an open space we see the opportunities the Universe sends to us. We are open for example to striking up a conversation with someone who is looking to hire someone with just your skillset or that new love in your life. When our Joy is present in our consciousness we start seeing the miracles in our lives. “A Course in Miracles” says that “if you are not creating miracles something is wrong.” I have so much fun when I do my work. in a session we laugh quite a bit. So are you ready for a change. Let’s talk and tap.


Two of my Favorite people together in one Video

Louise Hay was one of the first people who got me started on the belief that what you think is what you create in your life. In fact she is a Science of Mind Minister. Nick Ortner along with his sister, Jessica are two people who keep me motivated to continuing my work with EFT. So when I started looking at my email In Box, I see Nick and Louise together. What a treat. This is part of the introduction to the EFT World Summit and she is going to share her wisdom about releasing a trauma. As they are working together. I was feeling such an inner calm and I also experienced a release taking place although what I was releasing may have been a totally different experience. My higher self knows what I am ready to release so this is why it still works. In the EFT community it is called “Borrowing”.  The short video has a short intro to the event, but then you will see the interview Nick does with Louise. See what comes up for you as Nick is working with Louise. It is amazing!


Nick and Louise talking

Nick and Louise working EFT

The shift is Here Are You Ready?

Alchemy WomanI was so excited when December 21st finally arrived.  The old tired ways of “No Pain No Gain” and thoughts that you have to be a strong “my way or the highway” leader is fading. You will see many manifestations of peace, harmony and love materializing every where. You can change your life too. Actually, anytime before the shift occurred, you can make things change. But now you will have the enhanced energy of attracting things into your lives faster. The dense energy that can filter the higher vibrations so it is more challenging to make that connection has been removed so your manifestation work will produce results much faster. That said, it is also important to be very clear what you are asking for because you will receive exactly what you are asking. When you know exactly how to word your requests you will see the positive joyous results you are seeking and visualize. If you are not sure how to do this. I can help you. I am an EFT  law of Attraction coach and can help you fine tune your manifesting skills. I have studied under the teachings of  Michael J Lossier and Esther and Jerry Hicks and Gary Craig and love doing this work. With the shift that occurred on December 21, 2012, you will see how fast things change.I have been using these techniques for over 10 years and I have built up my mental equivalent to know that what ever I am requesting comes in at the perfect time. If you want help email me at visionsAlchemy.com or leave me a message on my business line (707) 361-5864. If you live in another city or state or country, we can have a video Skype session. I wanted to leave you with a video done by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner that explains the work I do.


Tap your way through life

I think Tap dancing is a great form of exercise and fun to watch. I remember watching Gwen Verdon in “White Christmas”. There was a song she was tapping to and her toe was tapping so fast I couldn’t see it move but I could hear it. I also loved the fancy footwork of Gregory Hines, he wasn’t bad on the eyes either. This is actually not a blog entry about tap dancing. This was a creative way of talking about one of my favorite things to do when I am stressed, angry or have physical pain. I tap it away.

Yes, you read right. I tap it away. I use a form of acupressure that is called the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.  This healing modality is also called Energy Psychology, because we are using our words to change the energy in the body by using key phrases.  There is one core issue that is causing the problem. One master practitioner said that when you use EFT on a problem it is like turning back the clock to the time before you suffered the trauma.

For instance, I used to have a phobia of speaking up for myself when I was in conflict. My brain would instantly freeze and I couldn’t remember what I needed to say. This really got in the way when I had work conflicts. Then later on, after I left the meeting, I would kick myself because, then my brain woke up and I remembered what I needed to say. I finally went to an EFT practitioner and through the tapping , I found out that my core issue or unconscious message was that I would be punished if I spoke up. This came from an experience I had when I was in fourth grade.

I had a very tyrannical teacher. She was a believer that if you don’t  answer the questions correctly or you make a mistake, you would be hit on the knuckles with a ruler or locked in a closet.  My classmates were always saying “Someone needs to get rid of her.”  One day as we were learning square dancing, I didn’t move the right way and she grabbed me by the collar and yanked me back. She was wearing a ring with a sharp edge and she cut my neck. When I got home I showed my parents. They went and spoke to the principal and the teacher got a reprimand. The next day she stood in front of the class, and said that  I told on her. Instead of all the kids patting me on the back and saying “good job” they all turned against me and asked me how I could be so mean? I was ostracized and it lasted until I got out of grammar school.  Through the series of tappings I started feeling my anxiety lessen and now when there is a conflict, my mind is still alert. This name fits perfectly.  It is like being released from an emotional prison. This was a big one for me and it lasted for over 44 years!

EFT practitioners have used EFT to help veterans, release Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. There was one person  memories of the war were so strong, he had to literally drink so he could pass out. After a few weeks of EFT, he no longer drinks and he can sleep through the night. I have also used EFT on animals a the shelter I voluteer at. This was a dog who was kept in the back yard and used only for mating. She had no socialization what so ever. When the animal behaviorist, Bobbi Durston, and myself first started working on Freckles, she was restless and paced a lot. After a few rounds of tapping, she went to the toy box that was in the room and chose one of the tennis balls and started asking everyone in the room to roll the ball to her. Bobbi  was grining from ear to ear. She said “this is the first time in Freckles’ life that she has learned to play with a ball”. Two weeks later, Freckles got adopted.

Here is a short video that explains the basis of EFT:

I use this method when I work with clients teaching about  using the Law of Attraction. We can work and find out what the core issue that is holding them back. Maybe they want to have a loving, positive relationship and they keep attracting the same type of person that makes them miserable. What is the subconscious message that is telling my client this is their perfect mate?  Once we find the core issue through one or more rounds of tapping. We can clear it, then use a positive set up phrase to replace the old messages, much like reprogamming a software program, and the issue is gone. How do you know it is gone? You will feel neutral about the core issue and your life experience changes.  So if you are feeling stuck in any part of your life, start tapping. If you would like EFT Coaching, contact me on the “Contact Visions Alchemy” page.

We Can Let Their Voice Be Heard

My new CD-This is 10 years in the making!

One of my life long dreams is coming into manifestation. I have recorded a CD to promote peaceful co-existence between all humans and animals. The name of the CD is titled “Let Their Voice Be Heard”. It is a collection of 10 songs. These songs have been written over a 10 year span. This is part of my work as a peaceful animal activist. I have worked with animals at the local humane society for over 5 years. I learned how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique on animals that were shy or fearful. I produce a show on TV called “The Paw Stops Here” that brings awareness to the public how great and amazing animals are and I interview pet parents about their four-legged kids. I have been a volunteer instructor for the Open Paw Program for Cats.  It is training program for animals in the shelter. We teach them that humans are great beings so they feel comfortable around us and show their true personalities so they are adopted quicker.

What I have come to learn from working with animals is they have a tremendous capacity for love-giving and recieving. They communicate with us if we are willing to listen. And we can be surprised when we take the time to observe how they think and process information. I have one cat who uses sign language to tell me when he wants to sit on my lap and when he is hungry. I am meeting more and more pet parents who have feline and canine siblings in the same family and they co-habitate peacefully. My brother, Gabriel has an Australian Shepherd named Tucker who raised a kitten named Madison who is now over 2 years old. There are so many stories out there, I can probably live another 40 years and I still won’t hear them all.

I am using this CD to help raise funds for shelters, rescue groups and organizations that promote peace and wellness for animals. I am going to use the concerts across the country and raise money for these organizations. A percentage of the proceeds from the concert will go back to one of these organizations. I have my first concert coming up in March (I will list the event on my “events” page) If you can’t attend you can still donate something to the organization. I am so grateful that things fell into place the way they did. if you go to the “Botticelli Woman Productions” page, you can hear a sample. I am so grateful. It is true if I am open to my dreams I can “dream” them into manifestation.

New Year-New Look

This is a new year and I am bubbling over with enthusiasm. I started some good projects and completed them. I have a show on VCAT, Channel 27 in Vallejo, CA, called “The Paw Stops Here”. I met and interviewed some great people and heard some heart warming stories from pet parents. To hear the deep love they have for their non-human kids and the connection they have and understanding they have though they are different species is so life affirming that love is just love, it comes in all forms and the commitment is just the same. I also produced a short film on an organization that goes out into the community and harvests fruit that would other wise go to waste and donate that food to people in the community who wouldn’t have access to good wholesome food. The organization is called Food Rescue. When I interviewed the founders of Food Rescue, Adrienne Waterman and her partner, Jay DeYoung, they had harvested over 5300 lbs. of fruit. Since then it has doubled that amount since October 2011. Here is the link to the short film.

Other projects: I recorded a CD titled “Let Their Voice Be Heard”. The CD’s theme is promoting love, respect and dignity for all beings on the planet, what ever form they are in. I am a big believer in divine guidance. I know that when I am open and focus on the good and beauty in my world, wonderful things and events take place. I joined VCAT to learn about producing my own videos, started producing a show on animals, called “The Paw Stops Here”. I happened to play the technical director the song I wanted to use for the show’s theme song and he asked me if I had enough material for a CD. He happened to be a music producer and had a recording studio in his home! That is how it happened. Now I am planning a concert/fundraiser for my ongoing mission to enlighten and educate humans about the well-being and giving the much deserving respect to animals. Part of the proceeds of the concert goes to raise funds for the venue’s choice of an animal shelter or rescue group.  It is a win-win for all.

These kinds of things is what keeps my heart open and filled with joy and laughter. I love my life with my husband of 10 years, David and our 5 Four-legged kids: Oski 9, Moon 13, Fiona 6 all cats and Reggie 4 and Buster 3 both rabbits. We have a peaceful loving home. People who come to our home often comment on how peaceful and cozy it is. Well, David and I are both artists and we thrive on the loving and child-like creativity that flows throughout our home. It is easy to keep our sense of play when we have our 5 kids playing together, running though the house, creating their forts out of the various boxes and paper bags. They constantly remind us to take time for being present in our surroundings.  It’s a rich, full life.