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Spreading Joyful Words with James Van Praag

He is such a down to earth person. After his 2 1/2 hour event, he came out to talk to us and sign autographs.

He is such a down to earth person. After his 2 1/2 hour event, he came out to talk to us and sign autographs.

I am in the beginning stages of starting a new website titled “joyful-Words.com” but I have yet to give the login info to my new assistant. So I will be making more references to my new website as time goes on. I start off with a true story. A story about love that transcends all space and time-our human space and time and spirit time and space. My husband, David, and myself had the opportunity and gift of seeing James in person in Modesto California. That was a miracle in itself, because Modesto did not seem to be open to hearing topics about spirit communication-in fact the lady who opened the event, said that she got some static from some people, however the power of Faith and love was so strong-it happened. It is perfect timing for James to come share his experiences not only about our loved ones on the other side but the teachings that our allies and guides want  us to know. When it was time to start the lady who opened the program said that James would start off with a song to raise the energy and invite our loved ones in. I don’t think I was the only one who expected it to be a quiet, introspective song, but instead the music was this very riveting, energetic song that had a disco beat. It got us all cheering and clapping, then we see him running on the stage dancing with the music and invited us to stand and move with the music too. It was so much fun. It became a spirit party. James did mention that spirits are attracted to light hearted energy. I bet the collected energy of 2,000 people went out like a lighthouse beacon. He said that besides getting messages from our loved ones he wanted to share teachings about how spirit works with us and what we can do so we have a fulfilling life while we are here on the planet. First thing he wanted to share is that “there is no death”. We just go into a different form of energy. Right before we leave our bodies, there is a shut off valve, so we feel no pain. He shared a new twist on the word ego. He said “Ego stands for Edging God Out”. That makes so much sense. When our ego is running the show, the energy is dense and blocks the higher vibrations of our spiritual guidance. He also shared that we are spirits living in a human body. As he is explaining spirit communication 101, I felt an energy on my shoulders. It was a warm energy. Very familiar, I recognized the energy as my mom! She stayed with me until he started give readings to others. The readings he gave to other people were such a blessing for people in the audience who had been having feelings of distress from their loved ones passing. One lady, who’s husband passed from an airplane crash got a message that said he is doing great and his gift to her was admitting that spirit communication does exist and it is not “B— S—” as he used to call it. He has been trying to help her connect with a new love. I would say that was two gifts he was giving her. In the middle of the show, he led an exercise that helped us connect with a loved one. Part of the exercise was to imagine a green orb of light coming near us and then seeing one of our loved ones stepping out. My mother, Nellie, Father Ralph, and my brother Michael came to me. My parents said they were proud of me for doing my inner work and releasing the sadness that I felt over my childhood. I hugged both of them and said that I forgave them for what happened in my childhood because I now understand what happened and I know they did the best they could. I was happy to see my brother with them because there was a lot of guilt surrounding his death. When my mother was pregnant with Michael, my Father’s mother said she was putting a curse on my brother and that he would die young. Michael got Leukemia when he was 10 years old and died. I can imagine the guilt and anger my parents felt. They had no one to talk them through their grief. And we were not allowed to grieve either. My parents shut down and our childhood ended. So to talk with my parents and let them know that I love them and forgive them was very healing for all of us. That was a wonderful gift for me. I was able to share that with my brother, Gabriel, that was the name my brother Michael told my mom to give him. Another teaching-you can heal a relationship whether your loved ones are in a physical body or in spirit. That teaching gives me so much comfort. I hope this comforts you also.


I’m Ready for Everything!

Who knows what is going to show Up?

Who knows what is going to show Up?

Does that cover about anything that can turn up? I think yes! I really am looking forward to 2013! it is a Six year. A year of Family togetherness, high creativity vibe. Time to redecorate my home. I have a few projects I am working on. I plan on teaching a Psaltery class in the late spring; I just got an electric violin for Christmas so I am learning how to play it. It is a really cool design. It sounds wonderful when I connect it to my Ipad and use the Amptitude ap with my earphones. It is a lot easier to play than the acoustic violin I struggled with in Junior high and high school. I found a Unicorn Strings Psaltery on Ebay for a really good price. My house will be filled with music. Speaking of Music. I am working on a classical style piece to be played on the guitar and Psaltery. I will have my brother, Gabe play the Guitar and and I will probably Play Rose, my Baritone Psaltery.  With the new shift that occurred on December 21st 2012, I know there are exciting and amazing surprises coming in. I can visualize a lot of things over flowing with Joy. I will definitely keep you all posted when these things show up. My guides are ready to assist me. I happened to find an aura photo taken of me 2 years ago. I was just starting to consciously work with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Raguel. Before the photo was taken I asked my “Angel crew” to take the photo with me. When the photo developed there was Michael standing on my right side holding his sword. You can see it very clearly. It is an amazing photo. I have to find a way to make a copy of this photo and post it. So yes, hold on to your hats, it is going to be the best Disneyland ride you have ever been on!

Playing the Good Psalms of the Psaltery


Isn’t this a great looking bike? So Stylish.

Baby Psaltery1

This is my Baby Psaltrey by Zither Heaven

I had a wonderful day at the waterfront in the city I live in, Vallejo. I got on my Alkaline HyBike, www.hybike.com; placed my baby Psaltery in the basket and took off. It was a beautiful, brisk sunny day and I loved being out. This bike gets me to the waterfront in 10 minutes. I Found a nice place to park in front of the coffee place, Panama Red. I was pondering as to whether to get a rich, taste intensive, Pumpkin Spice latte, but I decided on their house blend. I sat at the bench, rosined up my bow and started playing scales. I am starting to get the feel of where the sweet spot on the string is. As I was playing, a man and a woman came up. The husband said that he had seen a Psaltery before, but never up close. I asked him if he would like to play it and he did. I told them the short history of the Bowed Psaltery, that it was created by a German school teacher who wanted an instrument for students to learn that would be easier to play than a violin. He said that he plays in a band in Vallejo at a local club on Marin street from 5 to 9. I had no idea there was a club here in Vallejo.  My husband and I are going to have to hear him play.WateronWater1109

While I was Practicing Danny Boy. I had another person who was curious about my baby Psaltery, made by Zither Heaven. She loved the sound and wanted to know more about it and where she could get one. Again I gave the short history on the Bowed Psaltery and the website, www.zitherheaven.com I happen to  mention that I will be teaching a beginning class on the Bowed Psaltery in the spring. She was interested in taking the class I handed her a card. Yay, another potential Psalteryist! When I was getting ready to go home, I saw a mother and her kids walking. I think they were waiting for the ferry. I asked Denise, the little girl, if she would like to play my Psaltery. I showed her how to hold the Psaltery and the bow and in minutes she was making some very nice tones. She told me she is learning the guitar. She is teaching herself. Another fellow guitarist. What a great day. I got to ride my Alkaline HyBike, which is now being charged. I got to play my Psaltery in the sunshine and playing next to the water, which is one of my most favorite places to be. I got to drink a great cup of java and talk to other people about this very special instrument. I am starting to feel like a Johnny Appleseed spreading the good Psalms of the Psaltery. The more I play on the baby Psaltery or Rose, my Baritone Psaltery, the more I feel this is a very special journey I am on and enthusiastically open to where this path will lead me.

Everything’s Rosey with Rose

This is Rose, my muse

Yes I gave my baritone Psaltery  a name. I call her Rose or Rosey. She is a a deep sultry sounding Psaltery and the sound has a Cello-isque tone. It is soothing to listen to her notes. I am practicing scales right now and then I will start re-learning the songs I taught myself on my Soprano Psaltery who I am gifting to a friend who is helping me learn about good nutrition and incorporating the right vitamin supplements into my husband and my food plan ( I don’t like the word diet, as Richard Simmons once said it has “die” in the word).  The first time I let Linda play the Soprano Psaltery, she seemed to activate frequencies that made the Psaltery sound even more angelic. I knew that she is a healer and this instrument is going to be helpful on the quest to using the Psaltery as a healing instrument. Our plan is to start learning songs and playing together.  My goal is for Linda and I to start playing in Senior homes, going to schools and introducing this bowed instrument made of wood, metal hitch and tuning pins and sounds like an ethereal violin and help to encourange new Psaltery players. Parents can buy beginning Soprano Psaltries for $70 to $80.

I read the Bowed Psaltery was created by a gentleman in Germany who wanted an instrument that was easy children to learn. I recently had a lesson with Donna Malus, via Skype, and she said that many Psaltery players don’t read music and can still play the instrument beautifully.  I am not advocating that basic music theory is not neccessary. I do read music and it is helps to know the notes and rhythm when I am learning a song, but my intention here is to let you know that it is that easy to play.

Donna Malus is a super Psaltery player who I got acquainted with when I happened to find her website, Psaltery Strings,http://psalterystrings.ning.com/ I asked Donna why she decided to create the website and Donna said when she discovered the Bowed Psaltery, 5 years ago, she had a hard time finding information about the instrument or tips on how to improve your playing skill. Now she says there are over 400+ members and the list just keeps growing.

I would love to see other Psaltery players in my area in the Bay Area. Back east, they have an annual Bowed Psaltery Symphony. My intention is to attend in 2014. It would be nice to have this kind of event in our area too.

Simple gifts can be most powerful

I have not written in such a long time. There were many, many things happening. I felt I had to step back and allow certain things in my life run it’s course. I am doing consulting work in a field that was foreign to me. I do this part time but my income went up 100%. The person who owns the company lives the laws of Gratitude, Circulation and Prosperity. In a time where the consciousness for some is “there isn’t enough, the economy is bad (cancel, cancel as he would say) his business is thriving. He has said more than once that he wants to help me to generate more opportunities to attract more income. It gives him joy to help others succeed and he has the belief we are all part of a team to create a winning outcome. I love the energy he radiates. So through the work I contribute part critical thinking, part data entry, it is challenging and keeps my interest. Just recently I helped compile the data for a new Ap one of his companies is developing. I work part time so I have some down time in the second half of the month to pursue my other interests-music, art, reading. I am learning to play a new instrument. It is called the Bowed Psaltery. It has the sound of an ethereal violin but is much easier to play. Even when I am playing simple scales I feel the vibrations centering my chakras and stress dissipates with the sound. It is an instrument that sounds wonderful with mountain dulcimers, lap harps and guitars. Here is a link to the sound it makes:

This is the exact model I have. I am upgrading to a Psaltery that has a three octave range and a friend is buying this one. We plan to start playing together. David and I also started changing our eating habits. The motivation was David’s diabetes getting out of control. His blood sugar spiked so high at one point, we thought he had a stroke. He was having trouble concentrating, his speech started getting slurred. It was a scary experience. We went to his doctor and was able to get his medication changed we started eating more healthy, more whole grains, fruits, veggies and he dropped a lot of weight. I lost 8 lbs. I have more energy. but my weight has plateaued. it is time to increase my activity. I joined a gym. I had a consultation with one of the fitness trainers there and she helped me design a program for me to achieve my fitness goals. I am also getting a new electric bike. My other bike got stolen and I have been wanting to get an electric bike from this company for a long time. Here is a video of the model I am getting:

The reason for getting the electric bike that we have so many hills where we live, I felt I was walking my bike more than riding it and because it goes up to 45 miles on a single charge I can visit my favorite city more regularly, Benicia, California and set my own schedule when I want to go to my gym–and this bike is good for the earth too!

Yes, the simple gifts of joy, music, good health makes me feel so rich. When I feel more comfortable I will record my friend and myself playing our Psalteries. It is like an instrument invented by the angels. In fact, my new Psaltery will have angels on it with the word “Faith”.