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Living a Visionary Alchemical Moment

I can create possibilities into Realities.

I can create possibilities into Realities.

What ever you think in your mind you create in your physical world. I have been following that philosophy since 1997. I have taken years of Mediation classes, Science of Mind Classes. I have read the works of Emmerson, Ernest Holmes,  Sonia Choquette, Louise L Hay and Esther Hicks who channels Abraham and I totally resonate these words. It is always easiest to say “yes” to this stream of consciousness, but it is in the evidence of living a human life that I put this into practice. I had an experience yesterday when I was with my friend at a Grocery Food Outlet store to buy some smelly Salmon Cat food for our Cat Oski who is having the sniffles. His sense of smell is a little off, so this is motivating him to eat while he is getting through this cold.

While we were waiting in line, watching the very long lines of other consumers waiting to pay, my friend was starting to get antsy because she had an appointment. I am looking around and noticing the line is not moving. I am seeing the shopper’s grocery baskets over flowing with the many frozen dinners, canned goods and other sundries and because I know my friend needs to drop me off home so she can get to her appointment on time I am starting to feel stress. Then I hear that the registers went down. You can imagine how the frustration is growing through everyone including me now. Then the thought came “how do I want to feel?” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath (the line wasn’t moving I knew it was safe to do). I started visualizing how peace would feel in this store right now. I immediately started feeling calm and I could feel this energy flowing through the entire store. Within minutes I hear “It’s working”. Even though I was in front of two other people with their baskets over flowing, I hear a young man say “I can help next in line” and that was me. It was an amazing feeling. We got out of the store sooner than was expected.

I once heard that when you say Affirmative Prayer it doesn’t do anything to the person you are treating for, you are using the Affirmative Prayer to change your view of the situation. when your view changes, your world changes also.  This was an Alchemical moment. Changing frustration and anger to calm and peace.


Spring is just around the corner and my spirit is already blooming!

Flower Deva Spirit, Watercolor, glitter paint, ink

Spring is the time for rebirth, renewal. I love this season. I can feel the energy of new growth all around me. I have a new CD, “Let Their Voice Be Heard” being released on March 25th along with the concert at the Vallejo Spiritual Center for Living;  new job, new position serving on the Board of Trustees at my church. I am still having fun producing my show, The Paw Stops Here. My husband and I are still loving and liking each other. My 4-legged kids and I continue to evolve in our relationship. They listen more because I listen more. I had a conversation with a friend and said if you want to know how to communicate with your animals better, all you have to do is quiet your mind and listen.

The concert is shaping up nicely. Ed Rosenback, Lee Wingfield and myself were interviewed for the local paper, the article came out yesterday, http://www.timesheraldonline.com/ci_20201200/vallejo-church-concert-is-all-animals Rich Freedman did a great job and jokingly referred to us as Peter, Paul and Mary; I love their music so that was a big complement. This Friday, I am being inteviewed on the local Radio Station, OZCAT (that seems appropriate, being that it has Cat in the name!) I put a PSA on my TV station, VCAT (another name with cat in it, is this a theme?) My life is unfolding as if someone waved a magic wand and said what ever you want, just wave your wand and I do because the words I speak and declare is my wand (thank you Ernest Holmes).

Because my life continues to flow in harmonious ways. I know I am allowing my good to pour in. The CD and concert, My new job, my loving marriage, the great relationship I have with all our Four-legged kids-All these things are telling me that I am in alignment with the flow of spirit and the Law of Attraction is responding.

I have another opportunity to give my “Let Their Voice Be Heard” concert in San Francisco. There are things in the works for the Mendocino area. I love doing my spiritual work It is a jo(y)-not a jo(b).  What is pouring into my life is an example of what can happen when you open your arms to receive and ask. That is what Jesus meant when he said, (I am paraphrasing) all these things I do you can do also. As a way of sharing my gratefulness. I want to close with a blessing:

The love of the  Infinite Presence is with me today and always. It flows in everything I see, I feel,  touch and I am one with this loving source that created me.

So I declare today that I continue to bless my gratitude that is flowing in my life right now all the love, the prosperity, the beauty, the joy is everywhere present and I also declare that every being on the planet also has the gifts of the Universe pouring in and as the waking mind of all the beings of the planet acknowledges this simple truth, the gifts are revealed in the perfect way.

I am so grateful for the many ways it manifests in my life and for all my brothers and sisters on the planet (in what ever form they are in).

So I release these words of joy to the Universal Mind of the Infinite Presence and I know that my words come back to me multiplied abundantly.

And so it is!


We have choice what ever our circumstances

I was cleaning and re-organizing my book cases and I happened to find a book that was given to me a few years back. “You have to read this book, it will open your eyes.” The woman who gave me the book exclaimed. I looked at the cover. The name, “Shantaram“, written by Gregory David Roberts, had an almost magical ring to it. Though I haven’t read it yet, when I read the first paragraph, these words got my attention:

“It took me a long time to learn what I know about love and fate and the choices we make, but the heart of it came to me in an instant, while I was chained to a wall and being tortured. I realised, somehow, through the screaming in my mind, that even in that shackled, bloody helplessness, I was still free: free to hate the men who were torturing me or free to forgive them. ….and the choice you make, between hating and forgiving, can become the story of your life.”

What I was drawn to was the thought that what ever happens in our lives we do have the choice to stay or flee, to keep that trapped anger in the body, creating in-balances to the point where we will start to physically feel distress or pain. We can also choose to look at our perceived offenders and learn to “for-give” the act so we can be released from the emotional prison that keeps us from embracing the joy, the pleasure and magic that is our life. We have all had painful experiences. The first love that leaves our heart shattered and slivered in so many segments we don’t know how to make it whole again. Maybe you came from a dysfunctional family and the parents who were supposed to be your protectors, were actually the people you needed protection from. Maybe you had a friend that made a mistake that for you was a deal breaker in your friendship.

How can this happen? Can life really be this cruel?

Here comes the choice part again. We can choose to look beyond the pain to see the gift. Everything that has happened in my life has asked these questions “are the circumstances or harsh words the truth of who you are?” What did you learn from this interaction with this person? If someone says to you “you are the dummest person on the planet, is that your truth? what do you really feel in your heart to be your truth?” “What part did you play?” Because I have lived the philosophy of the Science of Mind, I know that what my deepest thoughts about my life, my work, my wholeness, and my joy will manifest in my life. If I want to know what my truth is about any of these things, I just have to see what shows up.  If  I am having experiences that I don’t like, I can do a check in with myself and see what I am thinking or feeling.

Our thoughts turn to feelings, our feelings turn to emotions and our emotions turn into vibrations that the universe responds to and aligns us with these thought/vibration and before I know it is like “Murphy’s Law” with the worse case of PMS.  It is not a pretty sight! What can I do when this happens, how do I get off the roller coaster that never stops (I hate the hair pin turns or the deep drops)? I take a few deep breaths and then use a techniques I learned from Michael J Lossier, ask myself “What do I want?” As soon as I do that , the charge starts to dissipate and I can start putting my focus on neutral things or putting on music that is emotionally charged for me to change my emotions. I am on a different track, so to speak.

For minor inconveniences, this is perfect. But what if I need to let go of the intense anger when I feel someone has treated me unfairly or, a word that was used in the TV program Ally Mc Beal, disparaged me? That can take longer, especially if the wound is still fresh. I acknowledge what I am feeling and sit with it. If I tried to block it or bury it, the energy is burrowing into my body. I know when I am holding on to stuff when I start getting neck pains, back aches, an acidity tummy. I take deep breaths.  When I feel a little better but know it is still there, I will hit pillows, do the silent scream. This helps with the anger part.

Painting, "Cat Buddah", watercolor and ink, 2008 (C)

When I feel the emotional charge start to wane. I do an excercise I learned in my Science of Mind Foundations class. I write a forgiveness letter using a 5 step form. It helps me to see the persons part in it, how it made me feel, what my part in it, What I would have liked, by the time I get to the last part, I can actually see the big picture and let it go. It is extremely empowering and I get my spark back and let the feeling of powerlessness go.

Then I can do an affirmative prayer to feel what I want to feel and experience. I can choose to hold on to the debilitating role of anger, resentment, powerlessness, (you fill in the blank), or let it go and place the experience or person in a different light. As the author writes :”

“The choice you make, between hating and forgiving, can become the story of your life.”


What You Think is What You Get

Botticelli Woman Productions

Do you agree with the about statement? Have you had any experiences when you kept thinking the same thought over and over again and it came true? Did you ever wonder how that could happen? Have you ever heard the term “Self-fulfilling prophesy”? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these are examples of how this thing works. Many people now a days are turning to “New Thought” philosophies which actually started in the late 1800’s. The basic philosophy is What ever thoughts you put your focus on is what you create in your outer world. There is actually a scientific form of prayer that goes along with this. The science is a proven formula that get results. It is called Spiritual Mind Treatment or Affirmative Prayer. When you follow these 5 steps, you will see a difference in your life experience. I have been a student of this philosophy for over 15 years and by using Affirmative Prayer, I have received solutions to life challenges, new jobs, creative breakthroughs; I have attracted new business partnerships, My CD, My loving marriage, my cozy home, continued inner peace and joy on a daily basis. It is fun to see what new things will show up in my life and my husband’s life.

The person who created the Science of Mind philosophy is called Ernest Holmes. He embodied this so deeply, I think doubt was seldom, if ever, a word in his vocabulary. As part of my graduation from my recent Science of Mind class, I did a video project explaining what Affirmative Prayer is. I wanted to share this with you.


I wrote the song that went with it. Who knows this may show up on my next CD.