The “Let Their Voice Be Heard” Project

We are all one Heart.

Recording my own CD has been a dream of mine for quite a long time. Finding a way to promote the message of understanding and acceptance between all beings on the planet whatever form we are in has been another dream. Now with the launch of the CD and the concert/fundraiser project I can do both.

What better way to promote awareness is by music and song. Music is the universal language. All beings respond to it. When ever I practice my songs on the piano of guitar, my cats and bunnies will go into a meditative state and I know they are embodying the energy of the music. I play classical music for my plants and they thrive. It is the most un-invasive way to transform new awareness.

When I do the concert, I will go to a city or town and ask the venue I am performing where do you want the donations to go to? I feel like Johnnie Appleseed planting the seeds of compassion, understanding and respect for everyone. So if you would like to raise funds for an organization that is alignment of the message of the CD, contact me at and let’s talk!

Evelyn Abston
Visionary Alchemist Singer/Songwriter
Click on the link below to hear the title track, Let Their Voice Be Heard
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