Love Is The Only Reality

Today I embrace my role as an Earth Angel. I invite all Earth Angels to answer the call - We are needed!

Today I embrace my role as an Earth Angel. I invite all Earth Angels to answer the call – We are needed!

The longer I am here on Mother Earth, I see that Love is the only answer and reality there is. I grew up with anger, which is fear in disguise. I felt I had to be the warrior to succeed in life. I built an invisible suit of armor around me so no one could come near. How lonely that was, but I didn’t realize it. I was an observer in my life not a participant. As I grew up had my first love and heart break in High school; Flitted through relationships that were painful, separate. Men who were unavailable to me; I didn’t get the connection from the armor I built keeping my emotions hidden so I only attracted the same people who also had armor built around them. As I found my spiritual Mentor, Connie Jackson, who taught me the invaluable lessons of entering the silence; meditating to quiet the mind chatter; Connie help put me on a path to learning about myself and following my intuition to removing the armor that kept my heart captive. Through heart break, I learned to develop a stronger heart and could let others in. My animals, my 4-legged kids as I call them taught me to be present in my life, how to develop joy in the simple pleasures. How to be amazed by how different viewpoints that make up the world….When my first boy-cat, Oscar, my very poised tabby who was my sounding board and confident died at five years old from FIV, he gave me the gift of shedding tears to feel love in the pain of his leaving….When I met my black and white tuxedo cat, Cleo, she taught me about gentleness and surrender. She was so aggressive as a kitten, I had to learn to throw down the gauntlet and be with her, calm and centered and then she learned to be gentle….I love the word surrender. I can let my ego dissolve and allow the Grace of Spirit to come in. And when I am troubled by another person’s actions. I can take a deep breath, let go and come into the feeling of love. when I send love to another, our relationship becomes more harmonious. Try it. when you are struggling with something or someone, take time to breathe in and out….get to a quiet place in the mind and then start breathing love in to the heart center….the more you do this, you will start seeing the challenge in a different way, then send love….


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